Girl S Names Short And Sweet

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Donna - December 21

Hiya found out i was having alittle girl the other day we was going to name her mich__le only because my middle name is mich__le and my boyfriends name is michael which is opersit..but my family and friends are saying it's disgusting...and i know i should have wht i like and sometimes i want to pick the name out of spite because no one likes it lol but ive changed my mind and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on names that are short and girly so any ideas will be a great help thanks *merry christmas!!!*


Nikki - December 21

Some pretty, cla__sic and very feminine names (in my opinion) are: Emily, Grace, Lily, Anna, Sara, Eve, Julia, Katie, Leigh/Leah, Olivia (my 2 year old's name) and Nora (the name we have picked if our new baby is a girl). Just some suggestions to get you started...


Donna - December 22

thanks nikki i like katie and grace..i also like there anymore ideas out there?


eyebeeablessing2u - December 22

Hey Nikki- I love the name Norah.. that is the name we picked as well...if we are having a girl... owen if its a boy....


eyebee again - December 22

This is a great site for names... check it out...


Em - December 28

Hey, we are calling ours Taylor Alaska if it's a girl


KATIE - December 28



Kara - December 30

We are having a girl and we are going to call her Anna Lynn.


mary - January 7

i think you should call the baby STELLA it is latin and it means star


Katie - January 7

I really like the name Payton. I will find out Wednesday what the s_x is. I also like the names Julia, Olivia, Addison. I havn't even thought about boy names yet!


milf - January 8

If I have a girl, i like Nova, Arie, jenna, or Corey. Different, but pretty


kim ono - January 9

Mia, cute & girly, means MINE !


brucen - January 9

Naia rhymes with mya. Means flowing or in greek and dolphin hawaiian.


beth - January 14

I like Katie, but think you should stick with Michelle. Nobody in our family likes the name Willow except me and my husband, but since it's OUR baby we're going to name her Willow (if it's a girl) :-)


{Soon 2 be mommy} - January 19

How about Jaylanei...thats a pretty/beautiful name.....


Katharine - January 20

Our daughter is Anna. I also like Anne. BTW-we refused to tell anyone our names before she was born. Everyone has their comments and I could not, hormonally, deal with them! We just kept it a surprise and will do it again this time-much to the grandmothers' dismay.



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