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Missie76 - February 6

Has anyone had this yet? I had mine the other day. I didn't eat breakfast, because I wasn't sure if this would affect the test or not and they gave me that nasty drink. As I sat there for the hour wait, I was beginning to feel very sick to my stomach. Well, I got my blood drawn and the rest of the day I was throwing up and very tired. Was wondering if anyone else had this reaction? I chalked it up due to my not eating before the test.


babyblue2 - February 7

I haven't had mine for this pregnancy, but I remember what it was like for my first! It was the nastiest thing ever! The drink was completely flat (its supposed to be carbonated), so it tasted all sweet and syrupy. I was light headed for the hour and the rest of the day I felt like puking! Everything came out normal with my test results though. My last two pregnancies I had no reaction at all! The drink was carbonated and fresh, and although I didn't like the taste much, it was not too bad. Again, my test results turned out fine.


amylea22 - February 12

I was told by my midwife that you should eat something before but to not have a surgary food, she suggested and omlette, not a big one, just enought o help the belly. I haven't had mine yet and hope everything comes out fine. i still have about six weeks to wait, i think i am 19 weeks and 3 days.


IsabellasMommy - February 15

I had mine done early (I was around 13 weeks) because diabetes is bad in my family and my doctor just wants to check everything for a while. I didn't have to drink the gross stuff with this test (thank goodness) but I wasn't allowed to eat for 12 hours before the test. I remember the feeling after I had to drink it for my first pregnancy and it did make me sick afterward. I think that it's just that you didn't eat before the drink and the drink itself is gross.



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