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krissy1980 - February 14

So i am alil over 27 weeks and I have to go have a glucose test done Friday.I was just wondering if this is something that takes days to get the results back or if it's usually something they can tell you that same day.And about how common is it to end up having gestational diabetes?Thanks!


friendtilthend - February 16

Hello Krissy.. Usually they will give you your results in about a week, however if your results are high it will send a red flag thru the lab so that way they will contact your Dr office.


MNMOM - February 16

For unknown reasons, gestational diabetes are more common in first pregnancies. Also, I don't know how much weight is a factor, but the two of my gfs that had it were both overweight before they got pregnant, and I think the extra weight of the pregnancy but a strain on the system!


JerseyGirl - February 16

KRISSY: Let me know how it went. My dr. gave me the bottle of orange stuff at yesterday's visit so it's sitting in my fridge until my March 14th apt. I just freak when I think I have to drink that whole thing in 10 minutes - hope I don't puke. How'd you do with getting it down? And yeah, it'll take at least a couple of days before you get the results.


lily10 - February 16

krissy, It is more common to have gestational diabetes if diabetes runs in your family. My step mom had it with all 3 of her pregnancies and her mom is diabetic and my friend had it as well and diabetes runs in her family. I have also heard that weight can be a factor but I really don't know how true that is.


krissy1980 - February 16

Jersey..It acually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. ( I also drank the orange one) Just make sure it is COLD when you drink it..It kinda taste like a flat VERY strong Soda..It by far isn't the best thing to beable to drink..but I personally didn't think it was all that bad,not as bad as ppl were saying anyways.


JerseyGirl - February 16

Great, that makes me feel better. Thanks for letting me know and I hope you pa__s the test!!


krnj - February 16

Hi Krissy, yes make sure the drink is cold, it goes down a lot better! I actually had GD with my son so they tested me early this time. So far, so good. I have to get retested when I'm around 27 weeks. I'm just about 17 weeks now. Watch your carb & sugar intake before the test too. I think it takes a few days to get the results back. Good luck!


krnj - February 16

Sorry just realized you had the test already! lol


Emsmom512 - February 19

Does everyone get the glucose test? I did with my first. But I am now 24 weeks with 2nd and they haven't said anything. I'm concerned. I heard between 24-28 weeks.and I'll be 27 at next appt. So I figured they'd tell me in advance that I'll be there for a while ya know!? Help?


sarahd - February 19

I think everyone is supposed to get the test - I'm 25w now, and am supposed to get it done this week.


aaaaaaaaaa - February 19

They told me at my 26w appt to get it done by the end of my 28th week... I'm pretty sure everyone gets it...


krissy1980 - February 19

EMS..Yes they give the test to just about everyone..Don't worry..I was 28 weeks when I had mine finally..At my 27th week appoinment, they send me home with the drink..i had to drink it and come back by a certain date to have the blood drawn..I am still waiting on my results!!! It's driving me crazy!!!



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