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Betsy - March 15

Hey girls. I have my gest. diabetes test in a few days and they told me to avoid carbs and anything sweet before. And I have heard not to fast either. What did you guys eat before and did it cause you to fail the test?


HopeG - March 15

I go for mine next Thursday and the only thing my dr. told me was not to have anything sweet that morning. She told me to eat.


lemi - March 15

my doc asked me to go on with my usual diet......Thank God my glucose levels were normal..


Dia_ - March 15

I just had mine today! I got up at about 10am...had 2 poptarts and a large gla__s of milk...then at about 11am I had 2 scrambled eggs (I wanted protein!). I drank the drink...which was not bad at all for 12:25 pm. Had my levels drawn at 1:25 pm and got my results at 5pm and it was good! No GD for me :) Good luck!!


Cabbie - March 16

I had scrambled eggs and water for breakfast that morning. I ate lunch after my test. I pa__sed.


Emily - March 16

I asked my family about this one. My sister is a nurse and my mom is dibetic. Do not eat anything too sweet or loaded with carbs. I plan on having a couple peices of toast and a gla__s of milk. ( i have to get up too early or I would eat eggs too) You do want to eat something though. If you do not eat anything, the drink that they give you will make your sugar aise too fast. If you fail, they send you to a three hour test that you have to fast for. They test your blood and then give you the drink and test it every hour. That way they can tell hopw fast your sugar is raising and if your body is doing what it should with it. I had to have the three hour test my first time. that one was neg os no gen dib for me then. I hope I don't have to do it again. No matter what you eat, you can't pa__s if you have it you know. It's just best to find out. The three hour one should be ordered if you test high on the one hour test. There is no way to eat for that one, since it is a fasting can' even drink water or chew gum durring the three hopefully you don't have it and choose the right foods so you will not have to have the second test. Good luck...


ShellyC - March 16

I'm glad you brought this question up! I'm going for mine next Saturday and all my dr. said was that I didn't have to fast, but I had heard that you're not supposed to have anything with too much sugar. I was considering a bagel, but then I remembered that I had also read not to have too many carbs. I think I'll go with scrambled eggs and maybe half an english muffin.


Nita_ - March 16

Am glad this is posted as well. I have my dr appt this afternoon and am sure she'll tell me to get the test done this week/next as I'm in my 26th week. I was eating a lot of sweet things but last week or so have reduced quite a lot and have been waiting to get through this test. Good to hear tips on what to eat/avoid on the day of the test. Hope I'll pa__s and don't have to take the 3 hr exam! Wish you the same!


Renee-Marie - March 16

I was only told not to fast but not told to avoid any foods. I just ate normally and the test came back fine.


Nita_ - March 17

Bummer! I went into my appt yday and the dr gave me the glucose test lab slip and asked me to go in 2 weeks when I'm 28 weeks! I've been avoiding sweet foods and all for the last 2 weeks and now have to do that 2 more weeks! I couldn't resist but have a giant chocolate bar on my way home! :P


Tanna - March 17

I can tell you what not to drink before your test. Orange Juice! I did, every single morning. Failed my test miserably! Then my dietician tells me OJ has lots and lots of sugar in it.


Layla - March 18

My dr told me not to eat anything at all for my glucose test coming up in a couple of weeks. Was that bad advice?


Mindi - March 20

My nurse/midwife told me to eat 2 hrs. before I come in to take the test, and not to eat anything surgery. She said that some toast would be good.


Betsy - March 20

Well I had my test today and pa__sed! So relieved. I just munched on some celery and string cheese and it was fine. Good luck to the rest of you.


miraclebaby - March 20

my doctor gave us a sheet that we should eats eggs and water in order to get an accurate test done.. Even bread has carbs and turns to sugar. But I see other womens doct's did not tell them that so, I am not sure. I am doing it to be safe.


jas - March 20

safe from what? Cheating the test?



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