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jennifer_33106 - November 5

I am going in this Thursday for the Glucose screen thingy. What should I expect? Do they draw blood? Do I need to fast?


sarah21 - November 5

You usually have to fast beforehand, but you need to call and find out if they didn't tell you to. Other than that I don't know since I haven't had one done.


jennifer_33106 - November 5

Yeah I was thinking I would have to and when I asked the woman she said no I didnt need to and that to come around 2:30 in the afternoon. If I have to fast then there is no way I can make it to 2:30 with out eating. Thanks!


Cevvin - November 6

They have you fast, then drink a high glucose juice before getting your blood taken. I would really call again and verify what your are supposed to do. Doesn't sound right if you dont have to do anything.


cynthia502 - November 6

This is my 4th pregnancy and with my experiences, the only time I had to fast was to do a follow-up screening, because my initial one came back high (then I also had to follow a certain diet for a few days). Usually they have you drink a very sugary liquid within 10 minutes and then check your blood sugar (by drawing blood) about an hour later. Actually with my second pregnancy, I got to eat a (dr approved) candy bar instead of the syrupy stuff. That was nice!! It''s not bad and the liquid doesn't taste too bad, just very sweet...usually it's an orange flavor. Good luck.


cfuller - November 6

I didn't have to drink anything. I just had to eat 25 jelly beans in 5 minutes and then after an hour of finishing the jelly beans I had to get my blood drawn. I did it first thing in the morning so I fasted beforehand but I don't think you really have to.


BeccaBaby1 - November 6

Jen, I have mine in a couple of weeks and my doctor is not having me fast. I have to go in and drink a sugary drink, wait one hour, and then have my blood drawn. I've read there are a few ways of doing the test - some that include fasting and some that don't.


Happymommy - November 6

My docs have not had me fast for the 1 hour test, but I know that you need to for the 3 hour test if you fail the 1 hour. Also, just a little tip--if you have the choice between orange (or other fruit flavored) or cola flavored pick the orange. It's what I've always had because friends of mine say the cola is absolutely awful! The orange is still not that great--it is like extremely syruppy soda.


jennifer_33106 - November 6

Thanks guys! I did call and they said dont worry about fasting for the one hour test. I have to say I am not looking forward to the sugary drink. I dont like things overly sweet. I hope I dont vomit. haha. Thanks again!!


montie75 - November 6

Jennifer - good luck with your sugar test, I am having mine this Friday!! What a joy, drink sugar stuff and sit for an hour. I better bring my daughter's gameboy to keep me occupied!! HAHAHA


babylove4 - November 7

Hey Jennifer, I just thought I would stop by here & check up on You, See how Your doing....You know I really thought I would gag too with that orange drink, Because I dont like anything too sweet either, But dont worry It's not that bad. GL with the test....How is Your Puppy feeling?


jennifer_33106 - November 7

Hey there! I just posted another comment to you on the name thread! haha Halley is doing great and barking at everything. Tomorrow is that test and I just wanna get it over with to be honest. haha How are you and where have you been!?


babylove4 - November 7

Hi Jenn, I think I'm in my 3 rd Tri now, So I've been over there. I took that test like 2 weeks ago, Let me tell You the Baby was up & moving all night long once that stuff kicked in. The results came in & I'm not diabetic, So that's a good thing. I'm glad Halley's feeling better, Your poor puppy : (...As for Me I feel really Big, I'm not even 7 months yet & people like to play the guessing game with me, They always a__sume I'm about 8-9 months or they say any day now huh? "Good Luck!!! ". All I do is laugh it off and dont give them an answer or I act like I dont understand there language...haha people I tell You!!! lol


jennifer_33106 - November 7

haha but you could still comment on the thread!! haha its ok we were talking about moving it there anyways pretty soon!! haha so it was like speed for babies!! haha Cant wait. mmm. haha No one has said that to me yet just people saying I am having twins and that it is a huge a__s baby. And I wanna slap them. I need some good comebacks!!!


babylove4 - November 7

lol, Your funny !! No one ever mentioned to me either it's like baby crack....Yo no habla ENGLISH OR whatever language they are telling You in, But dont worry I feel You, I'm going thru the same thing chicky....



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