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TJLebrija - April 30

When do they usually do that? What week? I'll be 24 weeks the next time I go to the DR' that when I'll get it?


boodahbaby - April 30

I did one glucose test at 15 weeks because I have PCOS and they wanted to make sure I was good in the beginning. It came back fantastic! I go again at 27.5 weeks and do it again! I think that is the normal time for most pregnancys! Hope that helps!


ejmeskan - April 30

Maybe 28 weeks...gosh I can't remember and it was only last year!


mjvdec01 - April 30

I had mine at 26 weeks. If they didn't give you the glucola at your last appointment, then I would call the nurse just to check and see if they should have, or if they will give it to you at your 24 week check. The stuff is gross. It's like really sweet barely carbonated, almost flat sprite. You have to chug it down, and half way through I thought I was going to puke it up. I felt like I was on the verge of throwing up for about 4 hours after I finished the drink. There is also a Jelly Bean option, I would recommend that if you can get the specific brand of Jelly Beans in your area. I wish I could have done that instead, but I couldn't find the right ones. I think too that is only certian flavors in the package that qualify, but I'm not sure.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 1

they usually do it around 28 weeks... but I didnt have mine done till almost 30 weeks. also, dont be too worried if you "fail" the one hour test... lots of people do then "pa__s" the 3 hour test, I did :) good luck.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 1

okay.. I answered before I read the other responses... in my experience the glucose drink they give you is gross (like mjvdec01 said) but its not unbearable also they tell you specifically NOT to chug it because it is a highly concentrated glucose drink it is likely that it will make you feel sick especially because you have to drink it after fasting. anyway every doctor is different and the drinks may vary based on where you are so who knows what your experience will be like... but, 28 weeks is the normal time frame.


TJLebrija - May 1

Thanks for your help ladies :) Hope you and your babies are doing well.


mom_of_1 - May 1

I was told between 26-28 weeks is ideal. I did it at 26.5 weeks :)


mjvdec01 - May 1

My Glucola came with instructions attached that specifically said to drink it all with in two minutes, which to me is chugging when it comes to something that gross.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 1

lol... thats so weird mjvdec01, I guess it is a different drink. I would have chugged mine to if they didnt tell me not to. the instructions on mine said to take 15 minutes to drink it. same thing with my three hour test too, and I did both tests in different places *shrug* I guess I just got lucky *rolls eyes* Im just glad its over lol.


bellybubble - May 2

Hi TJLebrija, where I am they do it between 26 & 28 weeks - and I actually really loved the stuff! It was like flat lemonade and it rocked! haha - it was nice and cold and I downed it in about 3 minutes flat! :) The only thing I had after was a tiny bit of reflux.....luckily I did like it cause I actually wasnt meant to have it (only 25 weeks) so I have to go back and do it at 28 weeks haha.



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