Going CRAZY With Worry

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ssmith - December 18

Hi ladies...I'm sure it's perfectly normal to worry about things here and there...but does anyone find that they are driving themselves nuts worrying about EVERYTHING? This is my first and I am 23 weeks. I am getting to the point where I can't sleep because my head is spinning with worries. Any advice would be appreciated!


Karen - December 18

Hi - another woman asked this question a while back and I shared with her that I too was sick with worry during my 1st trimester but then realized that I in fact was preparing "not to meet" my little one instead of preparing for his/her precious arrival. I was robbing myself of some really remarkable moments in my life and denying my little one the support and strength he/she needed and needs to grow. Every emotion I felt was likely being recieved by my little one and I only just imagine how he/she was feeling "mommy - if you are afraid - should I be afraid too??". This line of thinking freaked me out and I decided that I would put doubt out of mind and instead fill it with wonderful anticipation instead. It was healthier for me and defintely for little one. I decided that what I get out of this pregnancy is all dependent on what I decide to put into it - fill it with fear and that's what I will get - fill it with excitement and we all better off - even hubby has seen the difference which makes day-day life easier on him. I still worry but I don't look for "things to be wrong" anymore - I stopped looking for "what can go wrong" in reading materials and instead read positive stuff. I listen to my body - I'm now 24 weeks and when I sense things are "different", I monitor and ride it out...of course - you need to be mindful of what can go wrong but you need not focus on it...our bodies are meant to nurture and grow babies!!! Let your body take care of baby, and let you take care of yourself...see if this helps - of course we will worry but try to put into check and balance it with the wonderful aspects of pregnancy...take care...


ssmith - December 18

Thank you so much for the beautiful email Karen, you just about made me cry!! I DO want to enjoy every moment of being pregnant, and I think for the most part, I do. I find, especially when I am tired though, that my mind goes crazy. I think a large part of it, is that I want this baby SO badly...I can't believe that it's happening. I'm so terrified of allowing myself to get too attached for fear of something going wrong. It all seems to good to be true. I need help leaning to accept the fact that this actually for real, and that it is possible for everything to go right. I don't know why I seem to expect the negative, when I have no reason to. Like I said, it just seems too good to be true and I'm waiting for the bubble to burst. Hopefully I can stop thinking this way because it really is NO fun!! Thanks again for the beautiful words...


Karen - December 19

Well I'm glad it helped - and you will become more comfortable with each pa__sing week. And although you fear becoming attached - there is nothing wrong with that - you were attached the moment you conceived. If you weren't then this pregnancy would mean something very different to you. Talk to your little one - show him/her your strength as a mother - he/she needs you as much you need and want him/her. When tired - take a nap and nestle your little one who is safe and warm in your belly - there's got to be comfort in that... :o) Take care and know all will work out as planned...


mel - December 19

very well put, Karen. way to go! I just wanted to tell ssmith that the important thing, is to know that you're not alone. I'm not a "worrier" by nature but I've had nights where I've almost had mini-panick attacks thinking of all the things that could go wrong with my pregnancy. I think it's all part of becoming a mom....dealing with the worry. good luck to you.



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