Going For Gender Ultrasound Today Any Suggestions

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sunniesmile - February 14

Hey everybody... going for my ultrasound today and I was wandering if there were any suggestions to help make sure the baby is a moving :) I plan on eating a cold fruit cup about 30-45 mins before my appointment..should that do the trick??? Its 7:00am now and my appt. is 3:00pm- thanks all :)


suze42 - February 14

I just had mine on Monday.. How far are you? I am 17+ weeks and my baby was squirming and moving like crazy. In fact the tech was having a hard time getting measurements! So im sure your little one will be active as well... Good luck! and ENJOY


squished - February 14

Ours was just hanging out in there and the tech had to jiggle the baby to get it to move around more. I think that we have a snoozer on our hands! We weren't told that we were going for our "big" u/s so I didn't do anything abnormal. Our tech said something with sugar or a cold gla__s of water will work great to get the little one moving! Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - February 14

my ultrasound tech said drink cold water...or cold fruit...some girls have suggested a 1/2 cup of caffiee or sugar just before going in...like 1/2 cup of coffee, or 1/2 can of soda, or some candy. I did the water thing and my little one was a snoozer...he only moved to turn so all we could see was his but. I didn't know about the caffine or sugar thing...but then some girls are avoiding that for their baby...just some suggestions.


ophelia73 - February 14

Relax, and enjoy your little one's first "portrait"!! I had a can of Coke & baby girl was dancing, I think!


jodie - February 14

I don't go for mine until tuesday but when I went for my ds ultrasound last time I drank a can of grape soda and the poor kid was seriously running a marathon in my uterus. So needless to say I will probably at least cut that portion in half this time...lol!


Faye84 - February 14

Lots of cold water will do the trick. Mine was actually moving so much the tech was having a hard time taking measurments and it took FOREVER for her to find the s_x because she couldn get a good pic. so moving alot is the same as not moving at all...


aliciavr6 - February 14

How did it go?



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