Going Out With The Girls

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livdea - March 5

So I'm 22 and single, having this baby on my own. And I've been going out with my girlfriends maybe twice a month when they go out to "party." I usually tag along with them on a friday or saturday night, just so I can get out of the house and still be social. I am not going to any smoke bars, I'm not drinking, and I'm not trying to "pick guys up," I'm frankly just going to be social. I'm always home by midnight and in bed. Do you think it is wrong of me to go out and still be young while pregnant? I have a hard time feeling like I shouldn't go out but at the same time, I'm not doing any thing wrong, just going and mingeling. I some times feel like people look at me like I shouldn't be out, because I'm pregnant. What do you girlies think?


Deb - March 5

Go out! Have a good time! I don't think there is anything wrong with what you're doing. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you need to lock yourself up in your room! As long as you are not doing anything harmful (smoke, drinking) then I think it is great that you feel up to going out and having a good time. Dancing (exercise) is good for you too, as long as you don't overdo it. I'm too old for the party scene (32), but if I was 10 years younger, I would probably be out too!


Hayley - March 5

Go out and enjoy yourself while you can. When the baby comes, life is all about baby and you will miss that sort of thing. Believe me..lol. You need your friends right now anyways, so go have some fun..:0)


Renee - March 5

Don't worry about what others think! (or might be thinking) It the grand scheme of things, their opinion will never matter! You're not doing anything harmful to your baby or yourself, so I say, ify ou have the energy still, go for it! I'm in bed by 9PM! LOL!


livdea - March 5

that makes me feel better!


Chris - March 5

Hey Liv, sounds like fun, wish I could join ya..lol. Enjoy yourself!


Layla - March 5

I was wondering the same thing. I'm in the same boat as you as except I am 21. I have been out a few times with my friends but I kept feeling kinda bad like maybe I wasnt supposed to be out. I didnt and dont drink or smoke or anything but I kept wondering how the loud music was affecting the baby? silly? the first time i felt the baby move was at a party though, it was going crazy like it was dancing to the music! LOL it was great. Anyway what you guys have said makes a lot of sense, thanx even though I dont have much energy for it anymore and none of my cute clubbing clothes fit over my belly anymore at least now i dont feel bad about the times i did go out.


marie - March 5

Go out , have fun, be safe, be responsible, be young, and enjoy!!!! It doesn't matter what other people thinks. As long as you put your child's safety and heath as your to priority, do what makes you happy. You only live once. Enjoy and have a safe pregnancy!


lindsay - March 6

good for you... enjoy your friends now before you have to tend to baby and may not get as many chances to be w/the girls... then when baby gets a little older , live it up agagin! as long as you are a responsible mommy, there is never anything wrong w/ having a little time to yourself!!! i'm jealous, as this is my second baby and i almost never get to just go out and chill w/ the girls... but, i have to say , nothing compares to motherhood and i wouldn't have it any other way!!! good luck and have fun !!!


carol23 - March 7

I'm on the same boat here. The problem is that i'm in Germany and everywhere you go, people smoke. They even smoke in grocery stores! Anyway, I still go out with my girls from time to time. If i do go out, I tend to stay for only a couple of hours. I always wondered the same thing about the music. Does it affect the baby in any way? I love to go out with the girls though. It's a must. I even got hit on a couple of times and even though I turn them down (hubby wouldn't like it if i didn't. lol) it makes me feel like i STILL got it. Pregnant and all. I just feel like i need to leave the house every now and then and not just to go to work.


krc - March 7

Well I go out every weekend. I am 27 and single. I go and shoot pool and hang out at the local bar with my friends. I also dont smoke and I always drink sweet tea and dont pick up any guys. Plus they dont want me because they either think im taken or I have " baggage " ,lol, which is fine with me because after my boyfriend dier recently im in no hurry to find another man. So like you livdea..I go out just to be social. If I were you I would soak it all up now while you can. I know very well that when this baby comes along I will not have to chance to be social. I have no family here to help with babysitting and im not close enough with most of my friends to even think about asking them to sacrifice a friday night so I can go out. Soo that leaves weekends for me, my baby, and a good movie !!! LOLOL I dont mind at all though. At 27 years old Ive been on the social scene long enough to know im not missing out on anything. Good luck..enjoy your freedom while you can !



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