Good Panties

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Heather - March 30

Just wondering if anyone can recomend comfortable underwear. Is it necessary to have maternity? What is the differance? Thanks!


KellyB - March 30

I was just thinking how much I actually like the maternity underwear I go. They are cotton bikini. Real low in the front and the elastic is looser so it's comfy. They are made by Motherhood. I got them at Kohls, I am sure the Motherhood store sells them. They come in packs of 4. At first I wasn't sure when I looked at them and they are bigger then my regular ones and the same size Medium. But after wearing a new pair everyday this week, I love them!


Michelle - March 30

I got mine from the Motherhood store. I got the high cut ones, they come up over your belly. I love mine, they're so comfortable.


Jbear - March 31

With my first pregnancy, I wore regular panties in a larger size. I tried to do that this time, but my underpants fell down in a restaurant! I think I'll go to the Motherhood store this weekend and see what they've got.


Nicole - March 31

Cotton bikini-from walmart! $400 for a three pack. They stretch a lot. But thongs- Ouch!!


~S~ - March 31

I'm 4 half months and I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy underware. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get away with wearing them, but in a bigger size, throughout my pregnancy. I hope so anyways.


Jenn - March 31

Do they have Maternity thongs???? I love thongs and hate the thought of having to wear full panties. Anyone know??


Lucky1 - March 31

I got some from the motherhood and I was just thinking of how comfortable they are, they are made of nylon and they come in one size fits all, I thought that was crazy b/c I usually wear a xs in panties, but these fit perfect, and for JENN, yes, the Motherhood has maternity thongs too!


danielle - March 31

go to they have very comfortable panties cheaper than the motherhood stores. i bought two packs of three and i love them. they even have maternity thongs that are so much more comfortable than regular thongs.


Jenn - April 1

Thanks Lucky1 and Danielle. I will have to check it out.


tara - April 1

I have the ones from Motherhood and Old Navy. They are both good, Old Navy has the cotton ones and Motherhood has the one size fits all in the Nylon. Both feel good just depends on what i feel like wearing that day. Ofcourse the Old Navy one is cheaper.


Heather - April 3

Thank you all, I did go to Old Navy and I love how comfortable the bikini's are!


sarita - April 4

When I had my daughter I bought size 13 panties from the store and they were great...i admit that even after my pregnancy I wore them. My mother purchased some maternity panties this go round, which are high cut, bikini. They are comfy and I like them, however, I would be prepared with some really loose cotton briefs just in case you have a c-section. Anything that even grazes that area SUCKS! Not hurt...just really uncomfy!


PANTIES - June 11



Melissa - June 11

No panties!!!!! Well, I guess we do have to wear them sometimes....LOL!!!


Lissi - June 11

I finally bought some maternity panties the other day. They're huge! Mine go up over my belly and look very ugly but they are soooooooooo comfortable. I think the maternity ones have softer elastic and some of them have a support band which is good if you have to stand a lot. They are worth having.


Jodie - June 12

Try mens cotton briefs, i wore them with all of my pregnancys and they were extremely comfy, alot cheaper too



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