Goofy But Serious Question

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no poopie - October 21

I have been constipated for the past few weeks. My mother in law seems to think that I possibly could have harmed the baby by straining. My mother told me not to worry that the baby is very well protected but not to strain any longer. I know this is a weird question but has anyone else had to go through this?


Amber - October 21

You have a better chance of rectal bleeding or hemoroids than hurting the baby. It takes a lot to jar those little guys. Dont worry about the baby, most pregnant chicks get constipation. Take some colace or something to help you out.


bean - October 21

I agree with Amber - you won't hurt the baby, but you may hurt yourself. Can I offer some personal advice. Recently I've become addicted to almonds. Try a few handfuls of almonds (very high in fiber and good for you!) and throw in an apple for good measure. I almost guarantee it!


Michelle - October 21

Try eating Raisin Bran. I love to eat it and its high in fiber. Beleive me, I have not been constipated at all...I have been the complete opposite.


no poopie - October 21

Great - thanks you guys for your responses. I actually like blue berries and raisin brand so I will try both.


and - October 21

popcorn is loaded in fiber too. As soon as I eat a bag I feel I can go!


EKC - October 21

I'm soo glad you asked this question because I was wondering the same thing. I hear that when you push it's like you're going #2 but really hard, and I've had to really push when I go because I've been so constipated. Colace doesn't seem to help but lately I've been eating a bowl of frosted mini wheats every day and it's been getting better


hi - October 21

Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water!!! Oatmeal is working for me, one bowl in the morning and one in the evening. Plus one apple during the day. i'm 21 weeks and so far so good.


j. - October 24

I had the same problem, and actually did bleed some from my cervix when I strained too hard during a bowel movement. Everything was okay and it stopped fairly soon, but the Dr sad not to strain, and to take metemusil, or other fiber pills, and if necessary, a stool softner.



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