Grandparent Names

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Niki - February 15

What are your childs grandparents going to be called? My mom cant find anything that she likes.


in laws - February 15

My MIL insists on being called Mimi. My hubby and I refuse so we're thinking of calling her granny :)


Steph - February 15

My daughter calls my parents grandma and grandpa and then the other grandparents, she calls grandma and grandpa, she just adds their name to it as well.


Steph - February 15

Oh, for some reason the name Mimi drives me freaking nuts! My husband's daughter calls her grandma Mimi (at her insistance) because she did not want to feel old.


Angelaw. - February 15

Ds calls them Mamo and Papo- it's just what he has said since he could talk, so now actually all of the grandchildren call them that. The thing that bothers me is DH mom and dad HATE it when I call them Mamo and Papo Weber, my mom is called Mamo Willis, but they think they should just get to be "The Mamo and Papo" Dh and I have had several discussions about this and other things like I like it when they call them "Mamo + Last name" as a sign of respect- for the longest time when I was a kid I didn't even know my grandparents had first names! But he thinks that they should be called Mamo Kimmy and Mamo Mary (yuck!). Anyway, sorry to ramble, it is just definently one of those things that you would not even think about until the time comes!


Brooke - February 15

My child will have a Nina, a Nana, a Nannie, a Mimi, and a Mamaw. And my mother has yet to decide what she'll be called (this is her first grandchild).


Cabbie - February 15

Here is my list: My mom and step dad are Nana and Papa (like paw-paw), my dad and step mom are Ma-ma (like maw-maw) and Dad-dad, dh parents are grandma and grandpa, my grandpa is great grandad, dh's grandma is great grandma, dh's other grandparents are GG (for great-grandma) and Papa (like Paw-puh), and my aunt is Mimi. Lots of family, lots of names but the kids keep the straight better than me probably because that is all they know them as!!!!!!11


Cabbie - February 15

Oh yeah, my step grandparents are Nanny and Poppy


EricaG - February 15

I've been trying to figure out names for everyone too, But then I think, my brother, cousins and I all called our grandparents Beana and Papa, and no one told us to, it just evolved from things we said. For instance my grandparents always called my brother (their first grandchild) "peanut" so he tried to call my grandma peanut and it came out "beana". And I think things like that with a story behind it are so cute. Another one, my Husband's grandma is "Framma" because he couldn't pronounce grandma and she still is framma although he's 22 years old, lol.


livdea - February 15

my mom insists on being called "Granny" cause that was her "Granny's" name and she loved her soo soo much, so my mom will be Granny and everyone else as far as I'm concerned my child will come up with whatever whenever they get there! Just like me being an aunt to one of my nieces I'm "An O" another one I'm "Annie O" and to my nephew you he as a real cute giggle that comes out every time he says "Annie O" so it's unique in it's own way too!


Hope - February 16

My parents are Gran and Poppie! My nieces call them Nanna and Poppie!


Ansley - February 17

Both my brother and my DH's sister have kids our names for our grandparents were already decided. Here mom is called Gigi, and my dad is Grandpa. His mom is called Jami. The first borns on both sides named them...maybe you can tell your mom to just let your child name family has seemed to love that and it turns out being kinda cute...


tanya w - February 17

My mom is nana, my dad is poppy. Mil is grandma and FIL is Pap.


Andria - February 18

My 7 year old calls my mom and step dad nana and grandpa, and she calls my fiance's parents (not her natural grandparents) sometimes by their first names and sometime nanny and poppa, probably because that's what the other grandkids call them



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