Groin Pain Pelvic Pressure Is This Normal

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YC - July 29

Hello, I am 20 weeks pregnant and lately I have been experienceing a sharp pain in the groin/va___al area. It only lasts a second. I also feel some pelvic pressure, not as if the baby is trying to come out, just like she is really really low in my pelvis. Has anyone else experienced this?


Kelly K - July 29

I went through the exact same thing and went into the doc just to be safe. He said it was from ligaments stretching plus the baby kicking downwards.


jo - July 29

i'm at 26 weeks and am going thru that right now, but it lasts much longer than a second. I also believe it's ligaments stretching, hips widening that causes it.


a - July 30

next time you go to the doctor, have him/her check your cervix. that relieve any anxiety about an incompetent cervix. i had a leep procedure done in 1999 so i get my cervical length checked every time i go to the doctor's.


YC - July 30

a- Thanks for the advice, I will ask my doctor for this on Thursday. I was just wondering how they go about checking the cervical length. Is it invasive? Does it hurt?


c - August 1

Round ligament pain is normal during pregnancy. However, if the pelvic pressure continues for more than a day, see your ob-gyn to make sure it's nothing serious or something you should worry about. Your ob-gyn can check your cervix and do an ultrasound if needed, which isn't invasive and doesn't affect the baby. My ob-gyn found out that I had a uterine fibroid with round ligament pain after having pelvic pain for two days. The uterine fibroid is degenerating and will go away and doesn't affect the baby. It's best to get checked out if any pain doesn't subside after a day.


c - August 1

Thanks for your response !!! I have an appointment today at 2:50.


a - August 1

yc, the doctor will do a v____al ultrasound which doesn't hurt or hurt the baby. if you have never had any trauma to your cervix then the doctor may not want to do the v____al ultrasound. i hope he'll do it cause it really helps to alleviate any anxiety. from the v____al ultrasound the doctor can tell: if your cervix is thinning out, dilated, funneling, if your os is closed etc. i think these are redunant but you get the picture.


a - August 1

Thanks. I have never had any trauma to my cervix. I have had a v____al ultrasound before, once when I was 16 for a cyst on my ovary and a few months ago when I was 6 weeks pregnant to make sure the pregnancy was not ectopic (I had bad pain on my left side but it turns out it was the cyst again). I know those dont hurt, the procedure is just akward. I will definitely ask to have this done. My ob/gyn is great. Thanks again!


YC - August 3

oops. THe above post was to a from YC. Sorry a.


YC - August 3

Hello ladies. Just wanted to post an update. I had my appoinment on Mon and she mesured my cervix. It was over 4 cm. and she said the average is 3 cm. She said the pain was just things stretching and changing and that I feel it more cause this is a first for my body. She was impressed with my request (thanks to all of the info I got here). Just wanted to say thank you to all who responded. 20 weeks to go...



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