GROSS But Can Someone PLZ Help

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Grace - May 4

I am 17 weeks and have noticed that I have the globby yellowish CM....I have no infection and no odor , Should I worrry about this or is it the norm......Thanks for any help!!!!!


Amy - May 4

I am 22 weeks and have had this since about 13 weeks I think it is normal...Does anyone know????????


Kelly K - May 4

According to the few books I have it says increased discharge is completely normal. Not sure about the yellow coloring though. I'd ask your doc at your next appointment.


t - May 4



Stephanie - May 4

It's probably bits of your mucus plug. Probably nothing to worry about. Next time you go to the doctor, bring it up if you are a first timer or just really worried.


Ca__sie - May 4

It sounds like a yeast infection. I guess they're more common when pregnant. I had the same thing, thick yellowish dishcharge, but no odor.I switched to "granny panties: made of 100% cotton


jen - May 4

my books suggest it is normal for it to be increased as long as there is no funny odour or colouring different to the usual


candy - May 4

i have read on the net and books that it can have a yellow tint as long as there is no smell or anything like that....that is norm


kay - May 6



Audrea - May 6

Stephanie, if pregnancy is progressing normally there should be not "bits of mucus plug" before you get close to the EDD. I am an RN and I work in L&D and the Neonatal ICU, just to give you an idea of my background and where my information is coming from. If you ever suspect that the mucus plug has come loose and it has pa__sed out, you should contact your doctor ASAP. The mucus plug is there to protect the fetus from infection. It is there to keep the outside world out, and it's inside environment in (including the amniotic sac and the contents inside). So many women come to this site to get information regarding their pregnancy or any related items of interest. Some of the questions really surprise me and should be answered at their doctors office by someone in this field who really knows the information being given out and taken for gospel. I know some women do ask these very same questions to their doctor, but come to this site just to see what everyone else thinks of that particular topic, and to compare notes of the answer they may have received and to get others opinios. I guess what I am trying to say is that I really think it is important when giving someone advice to really know what one is talking about and know the hard core facts before giving someone inaccurate information which can then lead to ma__s confusion and/or unneeded anxiety only to find out later that the information was not true, or maybe even an old wive's tale. I also know that some doctors give out advice that is just as bad and inaccurate as old wives tales. This really irks me. I think this is a great place to discuss things and to get information and to know that you are not alone in your pregnancy and to know that someone else is going through the same thing, even if it may be something horrible. I really do thank yall for all of the support and information that has been shared. This is a wonderful thing for everyone who can to be involved and help each other out. God Bless all.


Audrea - May 6

I appreciate the fact that you are an RN...but I was informed by my doctor for two or so months before you have your child the clear discharge, that can have a rather thick consistency is in fact part of your mucous plug and is perfectly normal for this to happen.


Audrea - May 6

I had said that it was normal for the plug to come out close to the EDD, but the question said she was only 17 weeks, so in that case it would be way too early, and therefore if her pregnancy was progressing normally it would not be any or part of the mucous plug. That is why I said it is better to ask your doctor. To suggest that for her that it was her mucous plug could cause undue anxiety for someone at 17 weeks. I hope I made myself more clear.



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