Gross Birthing Question

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Tate - January 29

Now this may be alittle gross but I cant stop worring about this. Im terrified that during labor and the whole pushing thing that I will pass gas. This may sound stupid but I would be so embarrised. Has this happen to anyone or anyone you know of?


Deb - January 29

Just remember, the nurses and doctors have seen it all! They won't care if you pa__s gas or have a bowel movement on the table. When you are in labor, you have NO control over what your body is doing and everyone knows that. Plus, you will be so focused on having that baby that you probably won't care by then. This happened to a friend of mine...they had to turn her on her side and when they did, she pa__sed a huge loud one. She let out a tiny "excuse me" but the nurse said absolutely nothing, she didn't laugh, she didn't make a joke...nothing. After the nurse left, they both howled in laughter. Later they talked to her about it and she said it happens all the time and she just doesn't really pay attention to it anymore. Just relax and concentrate on your baby and you will be fine! :o)


Been There - January 29

With my last pregnancy, my doctor was checking my cervix. I had an epidural, so I couldn't feel anything down there. Well, she went in for the check and lots of gas came out. She just smiled at me and waiting for it to be over. I excused myself of course, but she wasn't concerned. She knew I had no control over it. I had no idea I even had any gas. They've seen worse, I'm sure they'll act like nothing happened and keep going, just like Deb said.


been there too - January 29

With everything that goes on 'down there', pa__sing gas is probably one of the least 'embarra__sing' events, he he. But really nothing is embarra__sing anymore when you're giving birth, it's all just part of giving birth! The staff consider all natural. You'll probably be so caught up in other stuff, you won't notice every little gory detail. Bowel movements; now that worries me more than pa__sing gas, but that happens so much too. Nothing you can do about it and most of the time you won't even know if it happens..


Shiya - January 29

No gas for me but I pooed the whole 2 hrs I was pushing.. (well, that's how it felt). I was worried about this before going into labor but its just not a big deal. On the bright side it means that you are using the right muscles to push! ha ha. Trust the "been theres" - there is so so much more to worry about. Good luck!


ga2bme - January 30

Oh so true.....really! Trust us when we say that you will truly not care about anything else but getting that baby out with every push. Pa__sing gas is just what happens cuz you are pushing soooo hard. Don't worry about it really. By the time you get done pushing and that baby is out you won't hear or know anything else but that baby in your arms. If you are really worried though like I was the 1st time just watch what you eat close to your due date and eat small so you can keep the pooing and gas to a minimum if that indeed happens to you.



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