Gross Question Don T Know If Something Is Wrong

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Mandy1984 - April 23

I have posted like a MILLION questions these past few weeks, everytime something new happens I like to ask if its normal so I don't freak out... I am 16 weeks and posted a question about PV discharge as I haven't noticed hardly ANY and evryone else seems to be getting some, Anyways about 15mins ago I was bending down and I felt something wet, I went to the bathroom to check it out (first thought was blood) and there ws loads of watery type liquid, Is this what is called the 'va___al discharge' It seems to keep coming actually dripping but it just looks like water?? There was way to much just for a pantyliner (sorry TMI) Is this normal?


Baby - April 23

I, Think you should call your Dr. right away that does not sound normal


Hopen4baby - April 23

Hey Mandy1984! The same thing happened to me at about 19 weeks of pregnancy (I'm now 22 weeks) I went to the hospital immediately! I don't think it is normal. They will want to check to see if it is amniotic fluid with a Nitrazine strip test. My nitrizine test detected something other than just v____al fluid, but they said it wasn't amniotic fluid either, that maybe I had some sort of infection. It just really remained a mystery! Any way, you should really get it checked out just to be sure! Keep us updated!


Mandy1984 - April 23

hi, I called the out of hrs doctor and she said to come over, If the dripping has stopped then I have to bring a pad that was soaked with the water, I hope everything is ok, I lost a little boy in June05 at 18.5 weeks and don't think I could cope if something else were to happen, We are are leaving in about 15 minutes so will update when I get back, Wish me luck (but I hope I won't need it)


Been There - April 23

Mandy, I hope everything is okay.


Mandy1984 - April 23

hi all, update as promised, I went to the out of hrs doc and she used this stick thing (looked like a huge cotton bud) and told me that if the tip turned black then that it would be amniotic water that was leaking, the stick didn't change colour so she sent me up to the maternity hospital for a scan, Baby is fine measuring as it should, I got an examination and the doctor said she could feel a lump on my cervix, she was unsure what is was but said that during pregnancy the cervix is closed tight and can sometimes appear to be distorted, I got a blood test but my white blood cell count was normal which means its unlikely I have any infection...I got a smear done and wil get the reults in 3 days but was told not to be concerned if the results come back abnormal as they some times can do when pregnant.. The only possible answer I got was if the lump on my cervix is a cyst then the fluid could be coming from there, I have another u/sound on the 8th May, All these trips to the doctors I'm glad I only live 5 mins away from the hospital :)


ThePezChick - April 23

Sending good vibes your way that you and your baby will be fine.


livdea - April 23

some times I'll get some discharge that seriously runs down my leg. Sorry if tmi but really, I get a ton of it and its pretty liquidy. hope all is well though!! keep us updated!


Hopen4baby - April 24

Hey Mandy1984! Glad to hear that everything is O.K. I know how scary this can be!


Mandy1984 - April 25

thanks for all your well wishes, Its eased off to barely nothing which is a relief!! It really is true what people say : when you get pregnant/have a baby your dignity really goes out the window lol



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