Gross Question And TMI But I Have To Ask

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stephgts - April 25

I had s_x last night and today I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was this stringy white stuff on the toilet paper...kinda thick and sticky looking but it wasn't semen. I just went to the restroom a second time and the same thing happened again. I'm 18 weeks currently...does this happen to anyone else?? I'm worried... am I losing my mucous plug? What does the mucous plug look like when it comes out?? PLEASE anyone with advice, let me know. I haven't had any pain or cramping or even discomfort during s_x. But I have had a Cone Biopsy about 3 years ago, and they have been monitoring my cervix once a month with ultrasounds. They all say that it is healthy, so what could it be?? I know we're supposed to have an increase in discharge, which I have been experiencing, but this is different. I've never had a discharge like this before...


Neets - April 25

Hi Step. I don't believe you're losing your plug. It's comon for you to produce more discharge. Your plug is normally accompanied with blood. But if you're worried, check with your dr. Hope all goes well.


Taffy - April 25

Steph, the same thing happened to me about 4 weeks ago and I thought the same thing. I asked the Dr and she a__sured me that it wasn't the plug and that provided it wasn't dark in colour or smelt bad that it was perfectly normal. If you're worried speak to your Dr. Good luck.


KellyO - April 25

I have mucus everytime I wipe, my doc said that some woman produce more than others. It is okay. If you want rea__surance you should call you doc just to make yourself at ease.


Ta - April 26

This also happened to me and I didnt know what it was either because the only time I ever saw the mucas was before I was pregnant and I was ovulating. So it was a mistery to me to, but that was a couple weeks ago and my pregnancy is still going strong.



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