Gross Sinus Problems

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kristinns25 - March 2

Anyone else feel like ever since you got pregnant your nose is stuffy? My sinuses seem to constantly be draining down the back of my throat which makes me very sick feeling. I feel like I have gunk in my throat all the time...yuck! Oh.. and the taste.... yuck, yuck!!!


lily10 - March 2

My nose is stuffy and dry every single day ever since I got pregnant. I also have had cuts up my nose for months now.


ChattyKathy - March 2

Yes! but instead of drainage my snot has decided to be super sticky!


wailing - March 3

I haven't stopped b__wing my nose the whole pregnancy! I am currently 25 wks. I've done tons of reading and know that the stuffiness is due to the elevated hormone levels. They tend to thicken the lining of skin, which unfortunately includes ur nasal skin lining too:( Also, the bleeding or bloody noses comes from the extra volume of blood that u acc_mulate too. My friend says the stuffiness gets ALOT worse right b4 delivery. The only relief maybe to use salt nose spray (not the medicated ones!) Good Luck.


squished - March 3

ME!!!! I wish that just for one day I could breath clearly! That would be great!


Angee2 - March 5

YES!--I am currently 23 wks and have had this problem since the beginning. My nose is dry, but in the morning I have to b__w my nose to get the gunk out and it also is in the back of my throat--like dripping in my throat. I hate it. -makes me want to puke when it drips. I also sometimes get sinus pain, like when you go swimming and your nose/sinuses hurt. Sounds weird but it's true.


kristinns25 - March 5

I can completely relate Angie! It feel like I am underwater!!! and the dripping, throat clogging is disgusting!


salk - March 8

I have had the same thing - am 24 weeks now and started going to doctor with a cough and cold and congestion Jan 13. They can't really give much medicine so I am still sick. Was put in the hospital for a week with bronchitis. They say pregnancy makes it worse and heartburn continuously can make you get bronchitis or pneumonia. They made me start taking a pepcid in morning and night and that has helped with being able to breathe. And they told me I could take mucinex dm or regular mucinex. my ob and a lung specialist. i sound like a cat coughing up a hairball constantly. i can't wait until i can breathe deeply again and my nose won't be so stopped up. at least this time no nose bleeds - with my son i had them all the time - even had to have my nose carterized ouch! guess this is all pretty normal though.


Jen83 - March 12

I also get the same thing, stuffy and draining in my throat (when i wake up) and my nose also bleeds almost everyday...usually not lots but enough to have to hold a kleenex there for a few mins.



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