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Amber - September 19

Anyone just "know" the s_x of their baby? Were you proved correct or incorrect?. I have had this feeling that its a boy since day one, (well day 42 or something :) ). I go for my u/s on friday and hoepfully they will be able to tell me what im having. Im hoping for a girl, but think its a boy. And i kind of feel guilty for wishing :). Thanks


Rhonda - September 19

well with my first 2 I just knew they were boys and yes it turned out I was correct with this one I kept thinking it was a boy as well and everyone kept saying "oh you have to have a girl this time" and "oh your gonna have a girl", that I started to second guess my gut feeling but I had a sono on Sept 2nd and it was a level 2 sono and the tech confirmed it is another boy!! So go with your gut it is usually right I would say good luck....


Julz - September 19

I agree. Go with your gut instinct. I never found out the gender of either of my children before they were born, but I had a feeling that the first one was a boy (and he was) and that the second one was a girl (and she was). This time around, as much as we would love to have another little boy, I just have this gut feeling that it's a little girl. We won't know, though, until around February 4th.


Amber - September 19

Damn, now im gonna cry :(. No boys!!! LOL it will be ok, im just familiar with girls :P Is that wrong that i want a girl so bad?


Dani - September 19

I had a feeling the whole time it was a boy too.... My hubby's family only gets boys it seems. Then 2 other family members that are due within a week of me found out they were having girls, so for about 1 weeks before my ultrasound, i thought possibly it could be a girl.. nope, it was a boy :)


J - September 19

I had a gut feeling since the beginning that I was having a boy. I have had 4 u/s and they all show it's a boy.


shelly - September 20

I swore I was having a girl, and so did my whole family. I found out 2 weeks ago it is a boy, I was shocked!! I couldn't believe it, I was speechless I really thought it was a girl.


Sam - September 20

Thought it was a girl all along, and also had a dream that it was a girl. IT'S A GIRL!


Ashley - September 21

I feel like I'm having a boy .... everyone keeps telling me I'm having a girl. Why?? B/c I was sick so much, or the heart beat was 134, ect. I would love to have a girl and name her this wonderful name I have picked out for her but at the same time, I can't shake the idea I'm having a boy! My sis in law gave me tiny pink sandles made out of soap for a baby shower gift .... AHHH! lol, if we don't even know what we're having, how does everybody else know? *sigh*


Amber - September 23

Well we shall find out in a few hours! Hopefully!


Amber - September 23

Its a boy! I knew it! And im not nearly as upset as i thought I would be!



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