Gush Of Water Help Please

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erica - March 11

Good morning. After I got out of bed this morning (right after the baby gave me a good little kick in the belly- yeah...), I walked to the bathroom and a small gush of water ( or something) came out....I cant tell if it was more than what I usually experience in the morninings with discharge, because I still had my pajamas on...( underwear didnt catch it- sorry to be gross)...I just didnt know if this was that "gush of water breaking" that I read about in the books? I am only 18 1/2 weeks....would that even be possible at this point?


cookie - March 11

yes it is possible but it is a very small chance,unless you have been smoking,doing drugs usually those are main causes i know how u feel cause simular thing happened to me at 20 weeks i went for an ulrasound and they showed everything was fine but now i still cant stop worrying about it even though i dont smoke or anything i know its hard not to worry,but all the docs i went to all basically said the same thing to me unless its like a huge gush or continual leakage down your legs houldnt worry?i wish there was some certain way of knowing but anyway if not just for the peace of mind explain this to your doc and see what she suggests...god bless you and your baby hopefully everything goes well


ekay - March 11

Definitely call your doctor to be safe. It is very dangerous for you and the baby if your water does break and nothing is done. Good luck.


tina - March 28

a friend of mine was in the same situation and she got checked and later found out it was pee. i would get checked just to make sure.


Phoebe - March 28

I should even put my name on the top of this... *embarrased* But the other day at work this happed to me while I was still at work... coming back from lunch. I had to do a quick u turn at the door before anyone could see me and race to the restroom. It was only pee... This bladder thing sucks...


K - April 2

I happened to ask my midwife about this thsi recently and was told that water can break as early as 16 weeks, but if it breaks near that then the baby will not live. You need to see a doctor pronto to know if that was water breakign or not cause if it was...


Foxy - April 2

It might just have been stress incontinence. It's very common in pregnancy and lots of women mistake it for waters breaking. It happened to me today. I was walking in the park when I suddenly sneezed and peed my pants a little bit. Very embarrasing, not to mention uncomfortable! It's never happened to me before. I read that when the waters break, it's a constant trickle rather than one big gush, so you probably shouldn't worry.


Amanda - April 7

It depends what it looked like. If it was clear or had streaks of blood, it could have been your mucus plug.


~S~ - April 7

She probably had a leakage with her amniotic fluid. The sac could tear and fluid could possibly leak out, causing a little gush of water to flow out. If this happens to anyone, call your Dr ASAP. Sometimes woman confuse it with urine, but if you smell it, urine has a amonia like smell where as amniotic has sort of a sweet smell.



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