Gut Instinct About Gender Were You Right

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tritty - July 6

i hear that women are about 70% accurate in determining the gender of their baby before they actually find out. it's a woman's instinct kind of thing. i'm still in my first trimester, so i have a while until i find out the gender, but i'm wondering how many of you had this "feeling" that you were having a certain gender... were you right?


scarlett - July 6

I just 'felt' that it's a boy...true enough, I'm having a boy. I'm in my 24th week.


tatiana - July 6

yeah i just knew that my baby was a boy and sure enough it was confirmed at 2 ultrasounds that indeed its a boy.


Perl - July 7

Nope. I thought I was having a girl but I'll have to admit that I was basing it on all the silly old wives tales because of the way I'm carrying, baby's heart rate, the Chinese calendar and even that stupid needle on a thread trick. I was wrong but not because of instinct. I guess I never considered my instincts because older women in my family who have had lots of babies were so positive of what I was having that I relied on their silly wives tales==they were wrong.


flower.momma - July 7

I was dead on with my daughter. Started unconciously saying "she" from the get-go. They weren't even't totally sure during the ultrasound, but my husband and I went out and bought all pink anyway. We were right. Now with this one, I feel like it's a boy, two more weeks and I find out! I am so excited.


Jamie - July 7

From the moment I accepted that I was really pregnant, I knew I was having a girl. Sure enough, she's a girl. I did question my certainty from time to time, right up to when I was in labor, I said she was going to end up being a boy just because I was so dead-certain she was a girl.


ThePezChick - July 7

I thought mine was little boy and I was right. When I went shopping I never even looked at girl stuff.


Lilu - July 7

I did with my 1st and I was right , it was a girl! BUT BUT BUT I really don't know with this one... but I find out in 2 weeks!! I'm counting the days!!


Deirdra - July 7

I thought i was having a boy from the moment i found out i was pregnant, my whole family thought a girl...but nope its a boy...


HannahBaby - July 7

i think that its just as accurate as the heart rate test, the chinese calendar, and the needle and thread trick. Alot of women "feel" like they are having a certain s_x because they want to have a certain s_x. With my daughter I had strange things happen to me. I was in Lake George and was in a cute little shop and they had little door signs that were painted and had names on them like "Erins Room" i wanted to buy one so bad because i knew that we wouldent make it back up there again after we knew the s_x so i said to my mother in law being funny "i wish that this baby would just give me a sign as to what gender it is!!" In my enthuasim i knocked over one of the signs, picked it up, and it said "Hannahs Room" the EXACT name that we picked out if it was a girl. So i took that to be a sign and bought it. I found out a month or two later that my baby was in fact a girl. Concidence or not?? However with this baby i felt girl girl girl, and they "think" its a boy (couldent tell if it was cord or t______es) But i will know for sure on the 19th i have a 4d US


tritty - July 7

it's funny because i, like you, flower momma started calling the baby "she" fromt he beginning. the other day i was picking out nursery stuff and i showed my husband and he's like "that's nice if it's a girl" and I said, "oh my gosh, you're right, there is still a chance it could be a boy." it's like i almost never considered a boy as an option. don't get me wrong, i REALLY want a little boy, but i just have a feeling this one is a girl. i guess i'll find out in about 2 months.


tritty - July 7

hannahbaby, that's cute about asking for a sign.... maybe i'll walk into a baby store and see what i knock over. LOL, i think you got really lucky! very cute story!


venus_in_scorpio - July 7

awww that is a cute story hannahbaby :o) I am 90% sure Iam having a boy and I keep having dreams its a boy but i dunno because baby's legs were crossed at my 20 week u/s. My mom was "sure" that i was a boy though and im not.... lol. ill let you know as soon as i get my u/s


Britney23 - July 7

cute stories! My husband and I both have a feeling that theis is a boy. I'm only 13 weeks so we have a while till we find out. But lately dh has started saying its a girl, cos he's so set that its a boy and he's scared that if it ends up being a girl, it'll be really hard for him.We'll be happy with whatever it is, its just hard switching once you think its one thing....


linzee - July 7

at first i really wanted a boy, but i had a feeling it was a girl, than i started wanting a girl cause i started thinking of how cute she would be and all the stuff i could do with her, than we found out it was a boy! so i was wrong with my


18wbabynov - July 7

i thought i was having a girl from week 8 on, and had my ultrasound at 18 weeks, and she's a girl!!! i was having dreams and things like that... the baby was always a girl!


vijun79 - July 7

Both my husband and me had an instinct its a girl and our family was more over that it will be a boy as both our family had a history of first boy.........But guess what we made them prove wrong and got to know its a Girl by my 20th week sono just 2 days back.



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