Had AFP Test Today Now I M Terrified

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Nat22 - July 13

Hi ladies, I had my 16week appointment today and they told me I should take the AFP test, so I just said okay. But now I am so terrified to get the results. They didn't even tell me about the high false positive rate. I really don't think I can handle it if it comes back positive. I'm so scared, I can't stop crying. Can I call the doctor and tell them that I don't want the test anymore?? I don't know what to do


Robyn - July 13

Don't freak out, you've already taken the test, so don't get yourself all worked up and stressed out - it isn't good for the baby. Just take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Now, you could probably ask the doctor to not give you the results, but i think you might find that it will make you even more anxious and stressed by not knowing and you will think about it all the time. I think you should find out the results and either way your mind will be at ease. If they come back negative then you will be able to relax, if they come back positive then you can take the next steps to double check that they are accurate - and from there you can be prepared for what can happen. Please don't stress yourself out about this - we all go through these rough decisions and have to deal with the outcome - so just use the results that you get to prepare yourself for the future. Good luck to you!


venus_in_scorpio - July 13

at least you are NOW aware of the high false positive rate. some women unknowingly take the test, get a positive and think theyre doomed. just relax and wait for the results. even if they are positve (probably not) have an indepth discussion with the doctor, get his/her professional opinion, and have an ultrasound. if that looks fine odds are your baby is fine! are you going to have an amniocentesis done if it positive?


Perl - July 13

I agree with the above posts. If you already did the AFP test, than just wait for the results and know that it's just a screening, not a true diagnosis that is set in stone. If there is a cause for concern then other tests will probably be made available to you that are more certain and definite. If you have not had the AFP done yet and you're certain you don't want it then call it off. Some of us go crazy if we don't get all the information but other women would rather not know anything. It's such a personal choice but only you know what will make you feel best. Good luck!


Nat22 - July 13

Thank you all for your help... I decided it would be best to just go ahead with the results (considering they already took the blood for the test). It really didn't set in until late last night that "what if it comes back positive??", then I started freaking out. My risks are low for a positive result but I can't help but worry. I know we all have to go through the "what ifs" during pregnancy.... this is my first baby and a little bit nervous :)



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