Had An UltraSound Today

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Snigdha - May 20

i ahd an ultrasound today .. i'm 19.4 weeks pregnant but the technician told me that my baby is 18 weeks old .. i got scared .. i want to know if everything is okey ? she schedule for another u/s in next month as she couldn't see the heart as the baby was upside down .. that time she may able to see the s_x of baby .. i need your support .. please help


kelly - May 20

sometimes dates might be wrong so u might be 18 weeks preg, dont worry all the best


jes - May 20

she sounds like a lame tech if u ask me....some of them just suck if u ask me...and they r snotty to......talk 2 your ob if u r still concerned, but i bet it was just the tech...


SE - May 20

I had two ultrasounds that were only a week and a half apart, but my baby "aged" over two weeks between them, according to the dates the technician gave us. I don't think it is too unusual for the baby to "measure" differently than what it should be based on the conception date. Is your doctor concerned?


aisha - May 20

Dont worry about the measurements. Im 22 weeks and DEFINETLY conceived on the 14th day of my cycle. My babys head is 23 wks 4 days, his legs are 23wk and 4 days and he weighs 1lb 10z already..lol point is if you spend your time worrying about the tech dates you wont enjoy the pregnancy. I have had all 9lb plus babies and never go to 40 weeks always 38 weeks so dont worry about it. Im 5ft 8, the babys father is 6ft and Im expecting this baby to be long as heck :)


Kimberly - May 22

Your baby's age and your weeks pregnant are different. if you are 20 weeks pregnant then your baby is 18 weeks in the gestation process.


jessie - May 23

Yeah - Kimberly is right. They pregnancy count begins on the last day you started your period, which is appr. (but not always exactly) 2 weeks before you conceive. So, your baby's age and the length of your pregnancy will most often differ. Regardless, they (ultrasound measurements) are RARELY exact so you've got nothing to worry about. My friend's last period began January 29th and mine began February 7th and yet I am "supposedly" due 10 days BEFORE her. Just remember that they were not in the bedroom the night you conceived, so they are running on guess-timations only. So, good luck!



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