Hade My U S Should I Be Concerned

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shyann - June 13

I just got back from my U/S i'm 22 weeks pregnant and the U/S took forever to do the tech was having a hard time getting pictures of the baby because the baby was staying in the pelvic area so the tech hade me lay on my side then walk around to get the baby to move and she thought she was finished doing the U/S so she was reviewing the pictures and told me she needed a better picture of the baby's head and started to do the U/S again should I be alarmed about her wanting such a good picture of the baby's head she told me that the baby was measuring where he/she should be weighing 15oz and 10 inchs long and a heart beat of 135 bmp but i'm just concerned about her focusing so much on the baby's head


jenrodel - June 13

Hi shyann! I wouldn't be worried. At my ultrasound the tech was focusing a lot on the baby's heart and taking a lot of pictures. She actually told me not to be worried because of the amount of time she was spending there - she said everything looked great. The reason she was spending so much time and taking so many pictures was because the pictures are for the Dr., and it is harder to show that all is well in pictures than on the screen, so getting good pictures was necessary so the Dr. would be satisfied that all was well. I hope this makes sense and was helpful... best of luck and congratulations!


tryingx3 - June 13

Ditto what jen said. There are several things they are to capture and look for...radiologist will later review. Probably just trying to get better picture. My 20 week u/s was very short. She grabbed the images she needed and sent us on our way. Be glad that they were being conscientious. I had another today (25 wks) because I am measuring big and we were in there almost 1 hour. Different tech/different facility.


Micky - June 13

Hi Shyann, Don't worry...At mine, the tech was talking about clear pictures of the spine...The baby was asleep and would not move...They need clear pictures for the doctors..She said that some doctors are picky and so they try to get clear pictures so that the ultrasound does not have to be repeated...I also got a little worried about the spine...I asked her about it and she said everything looked good and it was only for the doctors that she was trying to get clear pictures...She also asked me to lay on my left side and then on my right..Looks like it happens a lot..


Deirdra - June 13

The baby could have just been sleeping, i had to have 2 b/c she had a hard time getting a picture of the babies heart, which made me a little nervous, but it was fine, and then the second time she had an even harder time, b/c the baby was sleeping and didnt want to move, i wouldnt worry to much, maybe he was tired....


Chey - June 16

Hi Shyann! I'm also a Cheyenne! I go mostly by Chey (shy) though. I'm 21 wks along and just got the u/s last week and had the same thing happen. The baby was hiding behind my pelvic bone or something and they couldn't get a good scan of the top of the head, so they had me put pillows under my hips, turn to each side, walk around and then empty my bladder. But no, that kid was not moving. I questioned her on the focusing too and she just explained that b/c someone else (the dr), who didn't have the benefit of seeing the moving version, was going to be studying the stills and needed every angle possible to determine complete healthiness. She also said that if anything actually was wrong, they would have scheduled another appt right then and there and not waited. I think your baby's just fine and they're just being very thorough. Wish you best of luck!


Lilu - June 16

Don't be alarmed they have to get a clear picture of every part. Your 20 week scan to a level 2 u/s and it's to check all of the baby's anatomy to make sure everything is okay. Be happy she wanted to get clear pictures. Sounds very thorough are they should be!!


HannahBaby - June 16

My US tech did the same thing. I had to drink LOTS and LOTS of water so that she could get good pictures of the babies head (baby was head down) Then she let me pee. Then later she did more measurements of the head. I think its totally normal.


k. - June 17

Hey, I wouldn't worry, I had an ultrasound done last week and everything looks fine but I have to go get another because of the way the baby was positioned, they couldn't get a pic of the nose and lips. It's just anatomy...they have to cover their basis...


Mingill - June 17

Shyann, like everyone else has said, don't worry about it. The tech has to get proper measurements of all major parts and vital organs. She was probably just being thorough. At your next doc. apt. just ask. That's what I did, I just said, "So we had the ultrasound, how's baby look?".


Aviendha416 - June 18

Perhaps your tech does not posess a deft hand with the U/S or perhaps they are a perfectionist. Either way they should go out of their way to quell any fears and answer any questions that might arise from their examination. I went for my 12 week doppler and the first thing the nurse told me was not to be alarmed if it takes her a few minutes to find the heart beat. Even she was surprised to find it in under a minute. In telling me that, it took away any alarm I might have had if she had to keep pokin ne with that probe thingy.



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