Hair Die

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[email protected] - September 4

is it ok


andrea - August 22

i hear its bad and i have brown roots 2 inches long with light blond hair i look like a freak but it dosent say anything on the box about it but im still not sure


Michelle - August 23

My doctor said that it is fine. I could dye it as many times as I want.


Angela - August 23

I am 17 weeks and a hair stylist, my doctor said that coloring your hair and being around the chemicals is okay. Make sure you are in a well ventalated area if you are doing it yourself. You should be fine though. Hope that helps!!!!


Sonja - August 29

It is fine to dye your hair after the second trimester. But, Angela is corrected about ventalation... I was told to keep the dye as much away from the scalp as possible.


mac - September 3

I was told that the only problem with dying you're hair when pregnant was that sometimes it dos'nt take as well as it does on someone that is'nt pregnant


Laura - September 4

My understanding is that it's okay to dye your hair but just not during the first trimester, when the baby's brain is developing and is very sensitive to chemicals. It's okay though if you do it in the second or third trimester. Personally I've decided to skip hair dye altogether just to be on the safe side.


Kim - September 17

It's safe to color your hair anytime during your pregnancy, 1st trimester or any other time. No study has ever proved fetal damage from hair dye. It is not systemically absorbed.


mistey - November 3

i was also worried but have been asured it wont hurt i waited until the second trimester and also i got foils because the die does not touch your scalp meaning the cemicals will not go though your scalp into your blood stream.just to be on safe side


angela - November 19

I'm on my second baby and my doctor says they are fine. Just avaoid inhaling the fumes.


ciomara - April 12

im 9 weeks pregnant is it ok to die my hair


heather - February 17

im 21 weeks pregnate and just died my hair, even tho iv heard ist okay to do its in still nervouse..willmy baby be okay??


jenni m - February 18

I coloured my hair, when i was 7 weeks pregnant, from blonde to brunette, i researched it on the net, and found no information that could prove it would cause any probs, also hairdresser was very experienced, she said it was fine.


Toni - February 18

Two Drs in Dallas have told me it's fine. I have done it with three kids. Go for it! Just do it where it is well ventilated.


Amy - February 19

Im 21 weeks and dyed my hair 4 days ago. Its usually blonde hair dye that most pregnant women have a problem with and it doesnt harm the baby in any way what so ever it just doesnt take to the hair and wont look like it would if u dyed it when u wasnt pregnant. I dyed my hair all light brown and it is fine. Looks gr8 so ive been told lol



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