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Jessica - January 14

Hey !! is it okay to dye your hair when your pregnant? i am 6 months now and im just wondering if i can dye my hair! i went out and bought a box tonight but now im kind of unsure wether to use it or not. i got a semi permanent thats says theres no ammonia in it. Advice please ........ thanks.


Hi - January 14

I'm sure you will be fine. I did hear that sometimes with hormones the color may not come out right. I'm getting mine highlighted next week because I can't stand it anymore! My high risk dr said highlights are fine.


heather - January 14

hello I put streaks in my hair and it was fine


Marion - January 14

Not enough of the hair dye penetrates the skin to harm the baby


Heather L - January 14

I dyed my hair with my other 2 pregnancies and they are just perfect. :) (8 and 2yrs) I am pregnant again and just had my hair done. If you are doing it only advice is be in a well ventilated room. DON'T shut yourself in the bathroom. :) Have fun.


Angie - January 15

I asked my doctor. He said that there haven't been any studies shown that it causes any problems, but just to be safe they didn't want me to dye it in the first trimester. Once I reached 12 weeks he said it was fine. I've dyed my hair twice since then.


Chan - January 16

I heard that the color could change because of hormones. Mt sister-in-law does hair, and she put highl ights in her friends hair when she was pregnant, and her hair turned orange. Everyone is different. I don't dare to dye my hair, with my luck I would end up with orange hair.:)


Ba8y6irl - January 16

I went to a salon and got it done, and my hair turned out great! The place was well ventelated and I didn't feel like I was inhaling fumes at all. It all depends. I started doing temporary dyes just to test, and after 2 I decided that it would be ok to dye it permenantly. Its all up to you. Hair dye is safer nowadays so its not as potent as it was back in the day.


Ashley - January 16

I am a cosmetologist and 20 weeks pregnant....there isnt anything wrong with coloring your hair! There may be a chance that the color may not come out the way you want it because of hormones, but its safe to color your hair! My dr. told me it was ok!



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