Hair Dying

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K - August 28

Hi is it ok to dye your hair in the 2nd trimester? I can't stand my roots anymore!


Debi - August 28

Hi, my doctor told me that it is fine. I couldn't take it either.


Rayshelle - August 28

I asked around for a long time before finally doing mine. All the docs said it wouldnt hurt the baby. Only problem with dying your hair before the second trimester is that your results may vary because your hormones are going nutz. Of course do it in a well vented area and try not to breathe the fumes (whether preggie or not) Try to get an amonia free dye just to be sure. Hope this helps. Have a great day :)


K - August 28

Thanks girls you made my day!! Good luck to you!


Rachele - August 28

Thanks and Goodluck To You Also!! How far along are you by the way :) Im just hitting the second trimester and I died my hair yesterday and it turned out perfect, hope you get the same results. Ive had friends that dyed theirs wanting it blonde and it would turn out black or even blue :/ Crazy hormones...


K - August 28

Hi Rachele, I'm at 12 weeks so I guess I'll wait a week or so before I dye my hair. I'm trying to get back to my natural color so we'll see what happens! :) Hopefully it won't turn orange or something lol


pbj - August 28

I just want to say if you're planning on coloring your hair while pregnant, get it professionally done. Most of the time a hairdresser will be sure it comes out the desired color and if it doesn't, he/she will be sure to try to get it exactly the way you want it. You never know what you're going to get with home color.


K - August 29

pbj, I think you're right I'm not sure I trust those at home kits. I wouldn't know which color to get anyway.


Rachele - August 29

Hey Hey!! I went to a hair dresser first before doing mine and they couldnt guarantee my color would come out the right way because they have no control over our hormones either. I just went with a home kit because it was cheaper and I had control over it. I watched and did several stand test and it turned out great. Anyone in their second trimester shouldnt have a problem, by then the baby isnt using your hormones and has their own. Goodluck with whatever you may choose, hope it turns out great!!



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