Hair On Stomach

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Tarah - April 27

Hey! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that I have a lot more hair on my stomach than I used to! It's not black, just like peach fuzz, but it's longer and all over my belly! Am I weird or has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!!


Melissa - April 27

Tarah, Me too! Mine is not all over fuzzy, its kind of like a line down the middle. It starts a few inches above my belly b___ton and goes all the way down. Mine isnt black either, but it definatly has a colour to it, its not just normal girl peach fuzz type. Also, I noticed a huge hair growing out of the middle of my neck the other day, had to rip it out immediately! Scary stuff, we need to be on the look out! I think its just because of the hormones, hopefully it will go away after the baby comes, what do you think?


Amy - April 27

I am 16 weeks into my second pregnancy. Your hair grows much faster when you are pregnant. I too have the peach fuzz. I did the first time also. It goes away. Well at least I think it does. Its not noticible if it doesn't. You aren't wierd, just normal. Good luck


Kara - April 27

Me too!!! Except mine is quite dark, like arm hair all over my tummy. Aagh! Thanks, baby! :-)


andie - April 27

I do too! But I noticed it right away since I had no hair at all on my belly, then one day my husband noticed it and ever since then it seems to be getting darker, and more. Not fun at all. My doctor says it is also because of the prenatal vitamins, and he also said that it will fall off a few months after the baby is born. I hope so. And as for facial hair, that too. I have two hairs that grow on my chin, it is horrible, I pluck 'em. And almost every that has been pregnant has told me that the same thing happened, what is not encouraging is that they all have said that those few dark hairs continue to grow even after you have kids ! Sure hope not


Jbear - April 28

I'm growing a happy trail! I tried tweezing it, but I've turned into a wimp and couldn't take the pain, so I gave up and used Nair. Now my belly is smooth again...As far as chin hairs, they don't go away after pregnancy, but they usually grow in the same spot, so you know exactly where to tweeze.


Claire - April 28

I've had fuzzy light hair growth on my stomach and above since the start of my pregnancy. I read on the internet this can mean it's a boy - the testosterone causes it. I wondered if this is true? Does anyone who has the fuzzy hair (not the dark line) know the s_x of their baby? Just curious. Thanks.


Maria - April 28

Hello ladies!! I'm glad I'm not the only one growing hairs where they normally don't grow!! My husband noticed a hair (LONG ONE!!) growing on my chin the other day and now makes fun of me saying I'll be growing a beard in no time!!!! Like most of you, my belly is getting hairier as well. Hopefully it will go away!!


KrisD - April 28

Yup, I got the hairs, really light, but longer than peach fuzz. Even above my belly b___ton. And I just found out today that we are having a boy... So maybe there is some truth to that testosterone theory...


stacey - April 28

Oh my goodness, I am so proud someone had the nerve to post this. My hair on my stomach is like the hair on my arms. I thought I was wierd or something, my husband just picks on me.


Tarah - April 28

Thanks for all your responses ladies! I feel much better now! I don't have any hair growing on my chin though, thank goodness! To answer your question Claire, my hubby and I are actually having a girl!! Maybe that's why I don't have any unwanted hairs on my face! I don't know! Thanks again everyone and good luck with all of your pregnancies!! =)


Heather - April 28

I also got the line of hair except mine is dark in color and very unberable, isnt it bad enough, why do I need this too. My solution is NADS! its easy doesnt hurt and it will perminitally go away after repeted use. Since I have been told that once you get the hairs they stay with you, so start doing something now. Good luck but definitally dont live with an ugly belly you want to show it off dont you. not be embarrased for these ugly hairs. NADS can be found almost any drug store.


lyn - April 29

yeah, i feel like a teddy bear on my tummy. and of coarse everyone wants to see it, so i have to explain that the hair is new and that i am not normally that they believe that.


melissa - May 16

i have dark hair on my belly too! alot of it, i hate looking at my belly cause it looks so unattractive. i know iam having a boy maybe thats why the hair is so dark. i was afraid to wax it cause i thought it will come back worse maybe i'll try that nads. good luck with all your babies!!!


lilmum - May 16

me too! i had this happen with my first baby, and after a few months with this one i though i had escaped it, but alas, there it is, dark, long and ALL OVER my belly. It's like arm hair just like kara said, but it won't stop growing. The worst part about it is when you get really bit, like 7 or 8 months pregnant and the skin really starts stretching out, the hair sticks straight outwards and goes through the fabric in my shirts and gets really really itchy. it's like wearing nylons with unshaven legs.


Lucky1 - May 16

The dark hair has started growing on my belly too!! I am embara__sed to show my belly because of it. I'm thinking about using NAIR. I've been using it on my bikini line lately... Hope it's not bad for the baby!!! YIkes, I just thought about that.....


leslie - May 16

I had hair on my stomach too, and hubby would make fun of it..well like 3 days ago I took it off(I am very sensivble this days)..and when he was playing with my stomach he noticed I didn't have it anymore he was surprised and asked why did I took it off..I blame him for it..and now I know he feels guilty..GOOD!!



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