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Beth - October 21

What's everyone going to do for Halloween? I think I'm going to dress up as a pumkin, I know I allready look like a pumpkin! Thought it would be fun to share, I love to hear good costumes, I'm not too creative, but I try...


Liz - October 21

I am not much in the Halloween spirit this year! But I saw a really cute costume in the Disney catalog for $19.99. Its Mrs. Pots and the handle sticks out where your tummy is. Very cute. I think a pregnant nun is a funny idea too!


Em - October 21

I tend to get a little over-creative at Halloween, so I bought black shirt and pants and used glow-in-the-dark paint to draw a skeleton on them with a skeleton of baby in the pelvis. My neighbors don't know I'm preggers yet, but they will soon!


jessielouwho - October 21

I'm going to buy some resale white/off white sheets and I'm going to rip them in strips and pin them over a black sweat suit and tie some over the top of my head and be a "mummy".


Lisa - October 21

I am going as a pregnant Marie Antionette with red paint around my neck where she got it whacked off.


D~ - October 22

Just a thought but not sure yet.....I would be the pregnant catholic school girl and my hubby would be the priest...kinda sick, I know but also kinda fun too....


K - October 22

If I was going to dress up I would go with the pregnant nun.


Jill - October 22

I'll only be 15 weeks for the party we are going to on the 5th, so not really showing. But I am going to be a kangaroo with a little Joey in my pouch. I'm gluing some felt on a cheap tshirt to make the pouch, brown sweats, a tail and ears.


mendi - October 23

Oh my gosh my friend suggested me going as a pregnant nun lol I have a Dorothy from Oz costume from last year. Whats funny is it actully fits because her dress is like an apron so plenty of belly room. Hmmm what do you think? Let everyone try to figure out who knocked me up....the scarecrow, lion or tinman?


Alicia - October 23

I think im going to be a kangaroo lol.. i havnt found any better ideas but i think im just going to get a brown sweatsuit and velcro a little stuffed animal on my belly like its sitting out of the pouch...and then do like the ears and stuff as you would any other animal costume



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