Hard To Breath Plz Help

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Belle - May 5

When I lay down at night I feel as though it is harder for me to breath. Like there is pressure on my lungs or something. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Please let me know!


Beth - May 5

I experienced that when I was about 3 1/2 months extremely bad. I always had to sleep with the fan on just so I felt I was getting more air. I am almost 6 months now and it has gotten much better.


Belle - May 5

Thanks Beth. I am 18 weeks and just started to feel this way the past few nights. Didn't know if it was normal or not.


Staci - May 5

it is probably the fact that your organs are being squished up, in addition to the fact that your hormones are slowing your digestion, this has been a severe problem for me since month two, so I can relate. the best thing to do is to eat small meals, sit straight up, dont lie down for at least several hours after eating, and sleep PROPPED up on pillows or on your side. the Gastroenterologist DR told me there isnt any cure, just to wait it out and try the above methods for some relief.


Belle - May 5

Thanks Staci. You and Beth have both been a lot of help!


cara - May 6

I have the same problem. When I lay down it takes a while to feel like I can breath right. I also think it is because there is less room in the abdomen and it compresses the lungs


Jennifer - May 6

I am now 28 weeks, and just this week, I have found it hard to breath when I lay down.


Staci - May 6

Youre welcome. I too am really feeling it now, I can empathize. I eat something small even, and for hours feel like theres weight on my chest. ( really, Its just a feeling of not being able to breathe from stomach issues, rather than actual breathing issues) Eating makes me miserable, I suspect I may leave work early since I already cant even bend without feeling short of breath. I can relate to you, hugs. It will certainly be worth it once the baby is here!


Staci - May 6

Oh! and also: you probably know this but youre not supposed to lay flat on your backa fter 16 weeks, so if you are, dont do that and you may feel better. It can affect the blood and oxygen supply once the uterus has grown in the 2nd trimester. also, I have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux, which contributes to my problem.. if you had that before you were pregnant, you will probably experience more stomach distress than the average preggo, like I do! ;) best of luck!!



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