Has Any One Heard Of Arrythmia Need Help 911

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ann - March 3

hi! everyone i m 18w and 4d pregnant today and yesterday when i went to my dr caz i was having some cramps my dr diagnoed my fetus with arrythmia ( the baby's heart skips a heart beat) has any one heard of this one before........this is my 1st pregnancy n i m so worried he is going to set my appt up with another specialist and they are going to do a level II ultra sound........... any suggestions will help thanks in advance


PP - March 3

There are many types of heart arrhythmias. Thats why they are getting a closer look. It could be very minor. It also could fix itself. Just have faith and try not to worry about things youcan't control.


Kathy - March 4

Ann, I have a heart arrythmia. It was diagnosed when I was 18, though I've had it all my life. I'm living a full life. I've climbed mountains, gone sky diving, and I'm currently pregnant with baby #3. It really depends on the type. The may give you meds to control your baby's heart, and expect a few extra days in the hospital after you give birth, so they can regulate the problem if the baby has not out grown it. I had to do this with my son, as he inherited mt condition. My current baby has a low heart rate, so I suspect this one my have it also. (Often a sign of my particular condition.) My daughter had all kinds of funky rhythms when I was pregnant with her, but she out grew it before birth, and is perfectly healthy. I suggest talking to a good pediatric electrophysiologist -a doctor who specializes in heart rhythms. Write again so I can know how you are doing!


ann - March 4

hi! kathy and pp thank-you so much for replying back to me ...my dr's office just called me back today and told me that they have scheduled me with a specialist and i have an appointment with the speacialist on march 17th 2005 and the only reason he did not wated to see me immediately is caz i m only 18w 6d .........n they cannot se me till i m 20 weeks ...so i can;t wait till i see the specailist .............thank you once again for replying and all the best to u all and i will keep u updated once i see the specialist


kathy - March 4

Best of luck, Ann. I go back to the doctor on the 17th also, so I'll be sure to remember you and keep you in my thoughts. What kind of specialist is it? I hear those new ultra sounds are great! You get a chance to see the baby all in 3D!


ann - March 10

kathy thanks for replying i m not sure wat type of specialised he is but all my dr told me was that he is a heart speacialist for fetus and thats all i know but lets hope for the best ....... so when is ur due date kathy? n i will keep u updated on after i visit that specialist


kathy - March 11

I'm due on September 20th, but date may be moved up. I'm showing some signs of advanced development, so likely I ovulated early in my cycle, either that or twins! Are you getting anxious? It's so hard waiting for that kind of info. I thought I was all prepared to her my sons diagnosis, but when then told me the EKG results I just cried. So many feelings of guilt. He's doing well, almost 5 and ready to face kindergarten. I know all this is hard now, but it's so much better to KNOW, because then it can be controlled. Keeping you in my thoughts!


ann - March 11

hi! kathy thanks for replying ya i cant wait till i go see my new specialist on the 17th ........i am hoping everything is going to go fine ........... i m due sometime in july and so far the dr has not spoken nething abt any changes in the date of so i m sticking to july end............... all the best to u too


ann - March 18

hi! i just wanted to share this with everyone i had my appt. with the specialist yest and he said the baby is fine n that the heart beat is not skipping rite now and the growth and everything is perfect and that the baby is 1lbs. and everything is normal and fine and my husband and myself we are such a relief...........i m so happy all the best to all of u


PP - March 18

That is great I am so happy for you. MAny times those things will work them selves out. I also got good news I am having a girl.


ann - March 18

hi! pp so do u know the heart beat rate of u baby.............congratulations on having a baby how many weeks are u rite now? i m also hoping for a gal but again it does not matter its a wonderful gift that god is giving us ........all the best to u pp


Kathy - March 18

Ann, glad to hear the good news. As I said, my daughter had lots of skipped beats early on, but outgrew it before birth. It's good that your doctor is cautious enough to stay on top of things, though. I had an unplanned ultra sound yesterday. Low resolution, so it was a quick peek. They couldn't get a beat with the doppler for some reason -they got one last month. They just took a quick peek to see the heart beating. All is fine, and it ws fun to see my little one.


ann - March 18

hi! kathy i that was nice to hear that eveyrthing is normal with u too ........may be the baby was not in a very good position for the doppler to catch the heart beats...........but as long as it looks good on the sono.....all the best..........



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