Has Anybody Thought Of Baby Names Yet

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Maureen in the Second Trimester - September 4

I believe we will be naming the new baby after my Grandmother when it will be born. Has anybody thought of any names for their new baby yet? Would you like to share your ideas with everybody? I welcome everybody to let us know their "Baby Name Ideas" for now. I hope some people answer, as it would be really intersting to read. Thanking you in Advance.


Maureen - April 15

Hi it's me again. So, the names thus far that we are thinking about which begin with the letter A are Arianne, Anya or Amelie if it is a girl and Ariel meaning "Lion of God" if it is a boy. I also like the name Julian. But then as you already know, we can change our minds fifty more times before the baby is born. It is interesting to share with you these names we came up with thus far I think. What are some of your names you have come up with? I have a girlfreind who one night dreamt of the name, and she now names her baby, Logan. Let me know what you are thinking about. Thank you. Maureen, (in my Third Trimester)


Lisa - May 6

I have a few names picked out but nothing permament as of yet.


crystal - May 20

I have picked out a possible one for our little mystery baby. If it is a girl an "A" name is Abby (not Abigail just Abby). Boys we are still searching. You'll know the right name when the right one come or what fits the babies personality after he/she is born.


Tracy - May 20

Tomorrow we find out the s_x of our baby at our 20 week ultrasound so this will make thinking of names a bit simpler. If it's a boy Michael Spencer and we'll call him Spencer, and possibly Megan Jane if it's a girl. We're not telling anyone close to us our name choices since we've been warned that people will tell us how they know some terrible person with that name or they will describe the mean nicknames other children will call our child. Seems like good advice to me!


Mia - May 28

My husband and I like Anthony Joseph for a boy and Alexis Paige for a girl. Thanks for sharing.


Maureen - May 30

Hi everybody! I'm so glad that you are answering this question, I check your answers every once-in-a-while to hear what your ideas are. We had our second Ultra-sound and found out it was a boy. So, now we are rethinking our baby name ideas, and I really like the name Adian. And my grandfather's name was Joseph so mabey we will be going with Adian Joseph, but then again we can change our minds. So far, this is what we have. What do you think?


Myrna - June 4

I don't know if we are having a boy or girl as of yet, but I like the name, Lawerence for a boy and I need the girl to start with the letter M, so I haven't thought of any names yet.


Shivana - June 23

We're having a boy. Our name choice is Roman. So many people don't like it. But, oh well.


amber - July 2

If we have a girl we have picked Nicolette Aimee for a boy James Robert


dymond - July 3

i have decided to name my baby girl alexis marie.....if it would have been a boy his name would have been joshua paul.


kf - August 8

I really like Aidan for a boy, nice choice :) My bf and I can't seem to agree on any names and it's really frustrating. so far we only have Jordan for a girl, but no ideas for middle names.. I like Aaron for a boy but he likes Tristan.


Janet - August 11

If it's a boy it will be Liam Daniel. A girl I am still deciding..I like Emma Rose & Olivia Marie. :)


Karin - August 11

I don't think we are going to find out the s_x of our baby before it is born so we have two names picked out: Cole Patrick John and Brynn Isabella Ruth.


Mariah P. - August 11

We have picked out Leonora Abigail for a little girl and Tytus Whitmer for a little boy. We can nickname the little girl Leah, Nora, Abby, or Gail, so it is pretty versatile. Tytus can be shortened to Ty or even Tito.


becky - August 13

Xander Gage...is what weve picked out for out boy..any comments?


Angela - August 15

We don't know what we are having yet, but the name picking seems as it's going to be the toughest thing to decide on. Do you name it after someone in the family? first name, middle name? Pick a name you just like and think your kid could live with. There are so many names that I like that my boyfriend does not. Should we put all the names in a hat and draw??? Any suggestions???



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