Has Anybody Thought Of Baby Names Yet

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Angela - August 15

We don't know what we are having yet, but the name picking seems as it's going to be the toughest thing to decide on. Do you name it after someone in the family? first name, middle name? Pick a name you just like and think your kid could live with. There are so many names that I like that my boyfriend does not. Should we put all the names in a hat and draw??? Any suggestions???


Sabrina - August 21

if it's a boy Aidan Patrick.If it's a girl Ava Maria.


Lisa - August 22

If it's a boy we will name him "Trenton Luke" Trent for short and a girl will me "Madison Hope"


Michelle - August 23

If it's a boy, Jordan Taylor or if it's a girl Jazmine or Paris.


Sonja - August 29

We have desided on for a boy he will be name Lathen William, and for a girl she will be named Shelby Victoria.


Laura - September 4

Some great names everyone...we've picked out Aidan Christopher for our boy. I've been told that Aidan is actually a pretty common name lately (and two people on this thread picked it) but I'd never even heard it before I found it in a baby name book! I don't want to name my baby something that everyone else is using...anyone have any thoughts on this?


Lisa - Marie - September 14

Yes, we have picked out the first name for a boy or a girl, just can't think of a middle name!!! Cameron for a boy, Monique for a girl. I really like the name Emily, so maybe that could be the middle name if its a girl.


Lisa - September 16

If it's a girl: HOPE ISABELLA If it's a boy: TRENTON LUKE


leisa - September 25

hi this is my 3rd child.. (9yrs since my last) anyways.. i have a girls name picked.. Mahaya Lee.... as for a boy hmm my b/f wanted something that was his great grandads.. but im into more stanger names.. that you dont hear often..


sharon - October 12

We have chosen the name Natalia for a girl and Luca for a boy.


Cori - October 13

Hi, I like a lot of names!! Unfortunatly untill we know if it's a boy or a girl(we are 27 weeks along and the little guy is shy) My husband won't agree or descide on a name. Some of the names I like Tatyana, Corilla, Summer, Sage, Renea, Shalee, for a girl. For a Boy- Jayde, Thaddeus, Cedric, Ephraim, Brayton, Teagan, Keegan, Keenan, this list could go on and on. I really hope it's a boy because I have more ideas for a boy. We also have a son named Zedekiah Louis.


Gail - October 15

I'm almost in my 12th week and my husband and I recently started talking about names. One Web site I recommend: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/. It's very cool because you get to see the popularity of names over time to see trends, etc. because it's a record of names registered with the Social Security Administration. We have been more in agreement with girl names because boys names are hard. They seem to be either the traditional ones (John, Matthew, David) or what we refer to as the queer names that could get a boy beaten up in the playground (or just sound like wimpy names). I think it's a miracle when husbands and wives can agree on a name! My husband loves the name Natalie but my aunt is named Natalie and she's a complete selfish b___h (whole family can't stand her). you can always find a negative attached to any name, I think. All of the names listed in this thread are the trendy ones, by the way.


stephanie - October 15

Hey! We are in our 10th week. I love the name Jonah for a little boy but my husband doesnt like it much and we cant decide on a girl name at all. Just not sure what to do. I know I stll have a long time to go but I like the thought of knowing! Anyone have any suggestions feel free to email me at stephanieparish@sbcglobal.net Thanks again!


Brooke - October 18

I am having a girl and I amd naming her Callie after my Grandad Cal. I really liked madisson but I think It will be the sarah or ashley of the next generation.


cutealmonte - October 23

I like Jaiden Kelis. I also like Idalis, Integrity, Isis, Willow-pretty much anything trendy and different. Also another favorite, Kyoko.


Mellissa - October 24

Shivana: Roman sounds so big for a baby, that's probably why people do not approve- they can't look past the time when he wont be in diapers! But Roman for a man is a very strong, commanding name (for obvious Historical reasons) and he'll probably appreciate it when all the girl find it exotic and strong when he gets older! That's the very reason we're not sharing our name choices with anyone. We have one name for a girl and one name for a boy and, despite how much our family bugs us, we're not sharing until the baby is born, we know the s_x and, we've officially given him/her their name. That way, there is no topic for debate and we don't have people having "isn't their choice silly, too unusual, too common, etc" conversations while we're not around. Or, while we ARE around!



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