Has Anybody Thought Of Baby Names Yet

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Nikki - December 21

In my first pregnancy, my husband and I decided on a name somewhere between 14-16 weeks! So when the u/s was done at 19 1/2 weeks, they were able to print her name on the picture, Olivia Leigh. Now that I'm pregnant again, we have several ideas for a girl (Katherine/Katie, Nora; not sure for middle names) and for a boy William Patrick after my grandfather who pa__sed away last January and my husbands middle name. We will call him Will.


Elizabeth - December 30

I have decided to name my baby Audrey Rose.


kate - December 30

Absolutely, we have chosen our names.I would never reveal them until birth.It's very important to me that no one else will be using these names...but don't worry..they have been used before.I don't want my child to be one of several in kindergarden with same name.I'd dread their name being on a top ten list...so typical.


Summer - December 31

We decided if its a girl, her name will be Jaida Anneslynn.. and if its a boy Daniel (which is also my husbands name.. LOL pa__s it down I suppose).. unfortunatly, a boy middle name is called into question cause Daniel wants "Achilles" Achilles??! I was thinking alone the lines of Daniel Aidan, but he wants Achilles...


Abby - January 3

Im pretty definite on the names for both a boy and a girl. If its a girl, she will be named Kaylee, and if its a boy he will be named Brett.


Lori - January 4

If we have a girl, we are naming her Kelsey Grace and if it's a boy, it's Jackson William.


jean - January 4

We are expecting a baby girl, and we have decided to name her Jolina Violet.


Heavenly - January 5

We are not sure what the s_x of our baby is yet. We will know this Friday. But if a boy he will be named after his father....Jeremias and if a girl she will be named Heavenly Graciela.


ali - January 13

It is still too early for us to find out the s_x of our first baby, but if it is a girl Leilani and a boy Ryan Erik.


kersti - January 15

ok, Myrna, i have an idea for an "m" name. i personally really like the name Mika (pronounced Michah) for a girl, but it depends on what you're going for!...good luck!



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