Has Anyone Been Able To Predict Baby S Gender By Heart Rate

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Linda99 - May 2

Just wondering how many of you were able to accurately predict your baby's gender according to the heart rate? I've heard high means girl and low means boy. This proved true for my sister's two girls and a friend's two girls. If it was inaccurate let me know too! Thanks everyone!


Laurabb4 - May 2

It has worked for me. My boys were 143. Girl 155.


Linda99 - May 2

Thanks Laura. My hr at 7.3 wks was 166 and I haven't gotten a reading on it since then (had another u/s at 9.5 wks but they didn't tell me the rate). I'm going again today and hoping it's still high, I'd really like a girl!


Cabbie - May 2

Both my girls were 140-145. This little guy is between 150-160 (since 9 weeks). I am 34 weeks.


amyn - May 2

i've heard as the baby grows the heart rate slows down so I think its just a myth


fefer1 - May 2

My doctor swore it was a boy because the HR was 136 but I knew it was a girl and it is! :) Well, we are 99% sure but we'll be 100% at birth.


numba1cutie6t9 - May 2

my little boys always been in the 140s


eclipse - May 2

My mom was told that I was a boy and my brother was a girl based on the heart rates. We were just obstinate, I guess. But it can't always be trusted...


tryingx3 - May 3

My little girl is throwing a kink in the theory, she is routinely in the 140 range....they even teased me early that I was in "boy range - according to wives tale"...next 2 u/s say GIRL. I am just over 19 weeks.


Nikki0888 - May 4

My doctor told me that having a fever brings the heartrate up just as caffeine does. But he did tell me that by the end this is sometimes true. For me... it was 160 one day and 3 days later it was 147. My baby's heartrate is just all over the place!


Linda99 - May 4

I was hoping to find out the heart rate the other day at my appointment but the dr. didn't give it to me. He said it didn't matter as long as it was strong, which it was thankfully. But on the inside I was thinking "But it does matter, I want to see if the theory is right!!" LOL Well all I know is that the heart rate was 166 the first time they took it and that's all I know. My u/s is on 6/6 (so far away!) so I guess we'll see what we've been blessed with then. Thanks for all your comments, keep writing!


Chrissythefairy - May 4

i found out last week im having a boy his heart rate has been in the 130's but yesterday it was 160 so i dont know


Jen - May 4

My baby's heartbeat is an average 152 and it is a boy. I am 18 weeks. But the doctor does say that baby's heartbeats are supposed to fluctuate.


Erin333 - May 4

With my first pregnancy my little girl was always in the 160's. This time around the heart rate always stayed around 140. I thought for sure it was a boy. Well its another girl. I won't try to guess using old wives tales anymore.


Linda99 - May 4

wow - I think this myth has been b__wn out of the water! Thanks everyone!



I am having a boy hr 150.To be honest i dont think there is any truth to it but thats just from my experience.


Native Girl - May 5

Hi There! When I went in at 6 weeks my baby's heartrate was 171 BPM. I just had a sonogram at 18 weeks and turns out.... IT'S A BOY! I couldn't be happier!!!



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