Has Anyone Been Told The Wrong Sex Before

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brookel - March 2

I am going for my level 2 u/s next Thursday- I am considering finding out the s_x ( i did not find out with my son) However I am nervous because I have heard recently from 2 different people that they were told the wrong s_x at the u/s and then had a surprise when the baby turned out to be not what the technician said when they delivered! Anyone have any experience with this happening? Thanks so much! Congratulations to everyone!!!!


Tammy276 - March 2

I haven't had it happen to me, but I think its something everyone worries about...it is never 100% when they tell you the s_x, so there is always a chance they will be wrong...I am hoping they are right for me cuz we bought lots of Pink stuff!!


jen327 - March 2

Boys are easier to identify then girls. If they see the boy parts then you are pretty safe, the times that it is wrong is usually a girl because they might just be missing seeing the boy parts or they could be smaller at that point.


c_baer19 - March 2

The chances of that happening are very small, usually if the tech is not 99.9% sure, they wouldn't tell you that it "is" this, or it "is" that.


suze42 - March 2

Its never for sure...but like they say w/a boy you can really see it. With my DS you/we could see it plain as day sticking out...and I still was concerned that I would be returning all his blue clothing . Im having a girl this time...and I cant see anything on the u/s...The tech sounded really sure . But Im nervous buying anything. Im high risk so I do get another u/s in a few weeks...if she sounds just as sure then Im gonna go with it. and do some damage on my VISA. CHARGE!


brookel - March 2

Thank you all so much! It helps a lot to have your input. when are you all due?


suze42 - March 2

Im 20wks, due mid July


Cad0587 - March 2

I was really nervous about it too. The tech told me "I'd say it's 85% a girl" and then she said "85/90% sure it's a girl" and I was like UMMMM what the hell. I'm scared to buy pink things too, when it comes to the big things I'm really trying not to, I think the only thing I picked out that was really girlish was my pink carseat haha but I guess she wouldn't have said anything if she really couldn't tell and we were in there for like half an hour so I'm sure she would have seen some boy parts at some point.


brookel - March 2

suze42- How old is your son now- i am due July 17th. Cad0587- is this your first baby?


Cad0587 - March 3

Yep! it's my first, I'm 24 weeks today =)


suze42 - March 3

brooke, my son is 4yo...he is a sweetie and I think getting excited for a little sister! I went ahead and bought her crib bedding last night online..so she better be a she cause its girlie.


squished - March 3

I have a friend of mine...told twice it was a girl and then bam...baby comes out and it's a BOY!! It took them a couple of weeks to return all of the little girl stuff. It was so funny though b/c my friend said what....no I'm supposed to have a girl when the baby was born. LOL


Tracy88 - March 5

My friend was told she was having a boy at her 20 week ultrasound, but had to go back 3 weeks later for a follow-up since the baby didn't fully cooperate the first time. The second U/S she was told it was a girl. She recently had one more U/S and it was confirmed a girl.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 5

From my ultrasound... if my boy turns out to be a girl, its going to be a girl with some SERIOUS physical issues, haha :)


charee - March 6

When its a girl you can see 3 white lines in between her legs... I had 3 ultrasounds and it was very apparent with all of them =) I hope they are right this time tooo!!! =)



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