Has Anyone Else Had To Go Up A Bra Size

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Prissanna - December 30

I've just ordered one a size bigger and can't wait til I get it. This one is cording me and it's driving me bats! I didn't have to do this with my first child.


Joanne - December 30

Yep - went from a B to a C over a month ago. I'm 24 weeks


Tasha - December 30

Im 27 weeks and havent changed bra's at all! I thought I would for sure! But its ok with me, Im already a C and really dread going to a D once b___stfeeding starts!


Melody - December 30

You know, I have had to buy a new bra every 3-4 weeks since my 2nd trimester started . (I am 27 weeks now). So, I started as a small C and now, I wear a 36D. It's been quite a change for me. I am starting to worry about when I b___stfeed. They will be huge.


missy - December 30

I had to get a new bra when I was just 12 weeks..I cant imagine them by the end of my 3rd trimester!!!lol I went from a c to a d. Didnt have to get a new bra with my first child until my 3rd trimester.


That's Nothing - December 30

You ladies are so lucky to me...I wish I was only the sizes you are. I am now a 32G/34F and have recently felt like I am busting out. This happened probably around 8-9 weeks. I am 14 weeks and was a 34D before.


Lindsey - December 30

Me too, i was a 40d, now i'm a 42F


Heather - December 30

I was a 34C and I am now a 36E...I wish they didnt grow that much!


jay - December 30

I went from a 36C to a 34DD before my second trimester. my husband LOVES it. I'm now 22 weeks and with the new weight from the belly growing, my back really hurts.


a bird - December 30

Just ONE bra size? Think I must have gone up several by now. And I started out as a D. It's a bit crazy. And only 24 weeks now, plan on b___stfeeding. My boyfriend likes it, but he doesn't have to LIVE with it... b___sts spilling over every bra I put on, creating that four-b___b effect through shirts. Doesn't help my back either.


Meghann - December 31

I shot up like 6 bra sizes the first two months. and d__n do they hurt too. Just wait they are only going to get bigger.


ssmith - January 2

Yes!! My b___bs have definitely grown, in fact that's what clued me in to the notion that I may be pregnant in the first place! Funny that it didn't happen to you before though...:-)



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