Has Anyone Experienced The Quot Sneeze N Leak Quot

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Melisa - May 14

OK, over the past few days I have been really stuffed up and sneezing a lot. Last night I had a huge sneeze and seem to have lost control of my bladder. I did not completely pee myself, but it was more than one drop. Do you guys think this is a one time thing, or is this a common part of pregnancy? I have not read about this in any of the books I have, so I was just wondering. I am 20 weeks, if my body is going to be like this for the next 20 i need to know!


ES - May 14

Yes the sneexe and leak I have that sometimes but only when I really have to pee. The advice I can give you is clench the pee muscle as you sneeze. Also do kegals often. I am 30 weeks so I experience this all the time but I am able to control it now.


HR - May 14

Yup, cross your legs when you need to sneeze, also panty liners will help.


Tammy - May 14

I was chasing my son in the yard with a water gun. Running and laughing are not a good mix. I am 16 weeks and it happened to me several times. I have also been doing to kegal exercises and has really cut down.


Melissa - May 14

WOW, so this is something common. I already do my kegels everyday, my bladder was full at the time, but I will now clench and cross next time i sneeze!


Jbear - May 15

It may even get worse over the next 20 weeks...I have a bad cold and the only way I dare cough is if I'm already sitting on the toilet.


MommyAgain - May 15

Melisa, I finally decided to wear a kotex because of this little problem lol. We were doing some cleaning in a storage building and I was sneezing my head off - leak - $#@@!!! That's how the day went. I had to wash my clothes and shower by the time we were finished! I think it may have something to do with a little less room for the bladder, or a little more pressure on it.


nelly - May 15

happens to me nearly everday even when i dont have the urge to pee ill sneeze and leak or laugh and leak.


Leslie - May 15

Yes when I sneeze and laugh really hard.



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