Has Anyone Has Had Lower Back Pain

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Nita - December 30

Hi, I'm in my 15th week now. and since last night have had this dull aching back in my back side..its like right around the tail bone and below. I started to feel that pain during the evenings because I sit at the computer all day. And learnt it could be due to sitting for long period of time. But haven't been to work this week and it started last evening and it's constantly going on. Anyone experienced this? what could be the reason? and what helped it go away? please help!


Jenn - December 30

Hi nita, unfortunately backpain and pregnancy go hand in hand. I am currently 17 weeks with my 2nd and I am amazed at how bad my lower back hurts this early. I do have some suggestions for you to try to help with it but there is nothing that you can do to make it go away-till the baby comes anyway. If you are sitting all day, You may want to put a box (like a shoe box) under your desk to put your feet up on. It helps relieve the pain for a while. You could try putting on ankle on one knee and sitting that way. I have pain from being on my feet, but it hurts if I sit too long, too. At night, sleep with a pillow between your legs, it takes the pressure off your hips and lower back. May want to invest in a heating pad, but don't use it for long periods of time-I need to go dig mine out!! Good luck to you!


Nita - January 3

Jenn, thanks so much for your tips! I tried the heating pad and it did help. I should try out the box under feet and pillow between legs ideas. Although i thought these would come in later in pregnancy. oh well...i've also had heartburn already(which usually is in the later months), so i guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore!


Joanne - January 4

I get it too. I'm almost 25 weeks. When I wake up in the morning I hobble around like an old lady for about 30 minutes before it stops hurting......I'm going to be pit_tful the last trimester!


Tess - January 4

I'll be 21 wks and Ive been getting that lower back pain constantly on my tail bone part. My hubby would ma__sage it every night so I could fall asleep........But other than that Im in pain. Right now Im at work and its hurting :( Not good.......Im sure this is due to sitting for long period of time. ( I work at a Call Ctr) Im guessing this won't go away.....



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