Has Anyone Taken Flax Oil Or Flax Seed During A Pregnancy

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Deb - February 3

Hi ladies. I am worried that I am not getting enough omega 3 in my diet and I am finding conflicting info about flax. I was wondering if anyone took it during a pregnancy and if so, did everything turn out fine?


k - February 3

I dont eat fish so I know I don't get my omega 3 . And yes.. I consume flax. I put ground flax seed in my morning fruit shakes, I put powder form flax in with my oatmeal ( great for flavor ). I even have flax oil I add to recipes. It is very healthy and beneficial to you ( based on my own findings ). Your body needs oils so you must get it from somewhere. I'd rather fill up on flax oil or seeds than taking a supplement. Good luck !


bean - February 3

I eat flax seed as well (am currently 28 wks). I used the whole seed, not the ground (although ground is better for you). However, keep in mind that flax seeds only offer one type of Omega-3's. The omega-3's that are needed for a baby's brain development are ONLY found in fish. So I also take a fish oil supplement. I checked with my dct and she ok'd me taking the supplement, along with my prenatal. I take a 1200mg fish oil capsule daily.


Alycia - February 3

Like the others, I've been consuming flaxseed meal throughout my pregnancy. I usually have one or two tablespoons on my oatmeal in the morning. As bean pointed out, flaxseed meal doesn't have DHA (the big omega-3 in brain development), so I've been taking a supplement (I'm allergic to fish). The only thing I was told to make sure of is to get a supplement that is certified PCB and mercury-free. It's a more expensive to buy this kind, but it's worth it - you don't want your little one's brain develoment to be compromised by these heavy metals and environmental toxins. Good luck to you.


ShellyC - February 3

I take Expecta Lipil DHA supplement (it was one of the free samples that my Dr. gave me when I had my first appt. It's made by Enfamil. It's not made from fish and it's just one little softgel a day.


Ba8y6irl - February 3

do the fish oil supplements taste like fish, or leave a fishy taste in your mouth?? cuz I always considered taking them because I dont eat fish. I east crab... does that have omega 3 in it??


Alycia - February 3

Crab has some omega-3s, but not nearly as much as salmon, anchovies, sardines, tuna, or trout. The supplements don't taste fishy going down, but sometimes if I burp after taking them I can kind of taste fish. I have to admit that's pretty unpleasant, and it bothered me sometimes when I was struggling with morning sickness.


livdea - February 3

I personally haven't taken it yet but the lady that I nannied for before I had to move consumed it. She was also an MD, she'd take the oil by the spoonfull usually two once a day! Her first little boy is as healthy as can be and her ob says she is in the 99% for health, herself and to be pregnant! I trust what she does. But make sure you're comfortable doing or taking whatever!


babyluv - February 3

I wanted to start up my Flax oil capsules again and my OB told me not to.


Deb - February 4

Thanks for all of your responses ladies! I have been putting a spoonful of ground flax in my oatmeal in the morning and I will continue to do so and last night I went and bought an Omega3 supplement with DHA. It is PCB, mercury and toxin free. I'm so glad I posted this question because I didn't know about the DHA and I don't eat fish! Thanks again!


Jillr03 - October 28

I am reading conflicting information about flax seed and pregnancy. Is it good for you? Or unsafe?



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