Has Everyone Started Shopping For Baby

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mcatherine - May 20

I am due September 6th and I haven't really started shopping or getting the nursery ready for my little boy. I have done a little online shopping - but more for indulgent things, not necessity. Every so often on different threads/boards, I read of mommys of 24/25 weeks who already have all the furniture or enough clothes to make it to nine months. They have bottles and bibs, curtains and rugs and have started a supply of diapers. Even though I have had a child before - it was 11 years ago and I just can't seem to remember when I started to really prepare. I keep thinking I have all this time, but all of the sudden I realize I only have a little over three months left. I am having a shower, but not until July 1st. Is everyone hitting the stores already?


emilymalm - May 20

I'm 19 weeks and haven't started any shopping at all. We found out we're having a boy, but I want to do a ton of research before buying the big stuff like a stroller, crib, carseat, etc. We'll probably start in the next month or two.


HannahBaby - May 20

im 19 weeks and am waiting to find out the s_x (hopefully the 22 of may) If i am having a boy i have alot of clothes shopping to do but becasue this is my second i dont really need anything else. If i have a girl then i dont need to buy ANYTHING, My daughter is 16 months old and still takes a night time bottle so i still have all the bottles and everything. With my first i bought little things everytime i went to the store (bottles, pacis, diapers, wipes) Dont go too crazy thought because you get so much at your shower. My daughter is 16 months old and i STILL havent used all the body wash/lotion/powder that i got from my shower!! I got my crib when i was like 15 weeks just because my inlaws bought it when there were here on vacation. I got the changing table at like 20 weeks just because it was on sale. You will have plenty of time to get things you need. My advice is to just pick up something small everytime you go to the store (burp cloths, crib sheets, bottles, bottle liners etc) Good luck


DanielleO - May 20

Hey mcatherine. I am also due on September 6th! Neeto :p, anyways, i have already started to buy things for the baby....only because we were in a store and found AWESOME deals...we got an Eddie Bauer brand stroller and carseat together for only $120. the store is having a closing out sale and i fell in love with the stroller..had to have it. lol. we also bought a play pen thingy. We havent got a crib yet, manely because my hubby wants to make one himself.(hes a handyman :) ) and yesterday i was shopping with my mother in law and my two sister in laws and they had to take me to the baby section(which im not allowed to go in with my hubby yet because i get too tempted to buy stuff, but hes outta town so he cant stop me) and my mother in law bought me a diaper bag thing to carry all the wipes and a__scessories. It sucks though because I am looking at all this stuff and really wanting my baby but i still have three more months to go! We dont even know the s_x of the baby yet. I was living in canada and my 18 week ultrasound they wouldnt tell me. But we have moved down to oregon and im hoping when i get an ultrasound done here they will tell us. Im DYING to know. Anyways, Goodluck everyone.


ThePezChick - May 20

I need to stop buying stuff. This is my first child and, while I haven't purchased any of the BIG stuff, I've gotten all kinds of clothes, toys, shoes, etc. My husband has hara__sed me saying if I don't stop there won't be anything left for people to buy for the shower(s). I was lucky in that some women who teach with me gave me a gift card that covered the bedding set (comforter, sheets, bumper pads, dust ruffle, and mobile) and that my sister-in-law's sister had a baby less than a year ago and gave me tons of clothing. Now I need to get stuff like the bedroom suit (my aunt is buying the crib), stoller, carseat, etc.


SuzieQ - May 21

We're 20 wks along and just today started looking at baby stuff - furniture and other big things. We won't be finding out if it's a girl or boy, so we're limiting the amount of clothing and decorative stuff until after s/he is born.


mandee25 - May 21

I am 14w 2d pregnant and I have been putting off buying stuff until after my 20 week ultrasound. I would like to know the s_x of the baby if possible. My mom keeps telling me I will get all kinds of stuff at the baby shower but I am the type of person who likes to be all prepared early. In July we are going to paint the nursery and buy all the big baby items but I think I will hold off on things like clothes, wipes, blankets,etc. until after the baby shower.


Mingill - May 21

I'm due September 8th and we just purchased our first big item, the stroller/carseat travel system. The crib will be our next item. We've been browsing since about 19 weeks, but this is our first and we are so baffled by everything out there. We also have a few clothes, but certainly not enough to get to 9 months. Of course we're waiting till our last ultrasound to really buy clothes, because big babies run in my family, so I'd like a rough idea of baby's size before I go clothes crazy.


Alison - May 21

Hi MCatherine - my DH is not keen on buying stuff just yet and I can't wait to buy things! I am due Sept 21st, 23 weeks on Wednesday. We've got time booked off work end of July/beginning of August to decorate the nursery and he doesn't want to order the furniture too far ahead as not enough room to store it. When we do order the nursery stuff we'll order things like carseat/baby carrier etc as well and I can't wait I am so excited to be able to buy things for our baby! Because our hospital won't disclose the s_x of babies to parents we don't know if baby is a he or a she so that has helped stop me going crazy buying clothes as they are all very much boys or girls-but I do often look! ;-) I will just have to get babygrows/sleepsuits then once bubs arrives can have fun choosing more clothes! I have got a pair of teddy booties and a cute "Tatty Teddy" baby on board sign for the car lol! I am very keen to get buying everything else but I guess July will come soon enough :-) Congratulations and all the best to you and baby! xxx


clare - May 21

well looks like im earliest lol im due sept 1st and i have got some things sorted but not everything we have pram and cot and stuff but we arnt keeping it at home yet as its mena be ba dluck but we have some cute tiny outfits i keep getting them out an awwwing at them lol


Mingill - May 21

DanielleO, I find it odd that they wouldn't tell you what your baby was, I also live in Canada, and my husband and I don't want to know, but we had to be sure to tell the technician so they wouldn't tell us, I guess it differs from place to place. As far as baby stuff, we have been buying neutrals, yellow, green, and orange. Baby's room, when we get to decorating it, will be green and cream with an animal theme. I love looking at the little outfits though, I had princess dresses when I was a baby and if we have a girl I so want to get some. If we have a boy, I love little overalls and tiny kakhis (baby could dress just like daddy LOL). We are also waiting for the shower before buying the little stuff, but the big items are slowly coming home.


falafal0 - May 21

This is our fourth baby and I'm 27 weeks. I have given everything, I mean everything away from our last baby and basically have to start over again. A few friends have given me some things, but nothing major. There;s only three monhs left and I don't really feel a push at all to get things! I know I have to, but am so tired and sore most days that it's the last thing on my mind. I have made a mental note to buy a couple of things every week. As for the big things, like a crib and stuff, DH and I will do probably closer to the time, because money is tight at the moment. I have a ba__sinet on loan anyway, so if he comes early or anything, it's not an emergency...but have to pull my finger out!


mom2b72 - May 22

I am due Sept 5th...I too have been putting "the big" purchases off thinking I have plenty of time, but I am a major procrastinator anyway...My Mom told me about a sale at Shopko and a car seat/stroller she saw, so I went there yesterday and looked. I ended up getting a infant car seat/stroller for 129.00, best deal I had seen, so I decided to go ahead and get it...My cousin is having a shower for me on July 29th, and most of the relatives have children so I figure I will get plenty of clothes, diapers, bottles, etc, I decided I will start to get the larger things (crib etc) in the next month so it is done. You never know what might happen (early, bedrest, etc) so I figure it is best to get the large purchases out of the way. I suppose I will be spending quite a bit in the next month or so...good luck!!


lexa - May 22

I'm 20 weeks and I haven't bought anything yet! I have the crib and some clothes from when my son was born (8 1/2 years ago) but as for everything else, we need to start over. I did make a list of everything we need, but keep putting off shopping. If you are going to have a baby shower, I wouldn't worry about shopping until after that. When I had one, I think I got just about everything I needed. Definitely try to pick up packs of diapers everytime you go to the store. Even if its just one pack. I wish I wouldve had more the first time around. Im sure once we near the end of summer I'll fret about it. Oh well.


KellyO - May 22

I am 18 weeks and I have only bought baby furniture at 6 weeks. Only because it takes 3-4 months to get it. I have also picked up diapers when they are on sale at Costco. Really only the bigger sizes, since my son was wearinga size 2 diapers when he was born! Other than that, I won't buy much until after my baby shower.


mcatherine - May 22

Everyone's responses have made me feel so much better about not having much. My husband and I went and picked out a crib and some other furniture on Saturday and much to our surprise, my MIL wants to buy the whole set for us as a gift. Financially, we are ok, but was it so generous we accepted. I skipped off yesterday by myself and spent a couple of hours browsing the aisles at Babies R Us making a list of things I liked. (Ok, I'm lying - I bought some stuff, too - lol). There won't be a lot of people at my shower (12, maybe) and I'm not registering for it (Is this a mistake nowadays?) But I am having a themed shower - "Time of Day" - where someone shops for nap time, bedtime, lunch time, play time, etc... and my nursery has no "theme" other than colors. Blue, Chocolate and Cream. So I guess I should be ok. Maybe it's that since I am no longer suffereing from morning sickness, I don't have the 2nd tri to look forward to. I'm already showing quite a bit and feeling the baby move so much that the two of us have settled in a routine. I feel great, but to early to really shop and beging "nesting" but also am too far away to be anxious and/or looking forward to having the baby yet. I know, patience is a virtue, but does anyone else feel like they are suspended in mid-pregnancy? I guess I just feel like I should be doing something.....


ChaycesMom - May 22

I dont even know when to start any buying. I have the big stuff, from my first.I guess I am kinda in denial, about having a girl. Not that I am not happy about it, but my intuition still thinks its a boy and that they were wrong on the u/s. The tech that did the u/s didnt show me a clear picture of it being a girl, so who really knows. I am going to request another u/s to be sure. I just dont want to get excited about it being a girl and buying all the girly clothes then delivering a boy.



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