Have You Felt Your Baby Yet

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sami - October 15

On my way to work this morning i had this strange feelikg in my uterus. it only lasted a few seconds, but my heart lurched and i thought..is that it? i'm 13 weeks tomorrow. what do you think? was that quickening?


Renee - October 15

Hi Sami, I am 12 weeks today and beginning 4 days ago, on Tuesday, I started to feel a vibrating/fluttering sensation just above my pubic bone right in the middle. I swear it has to be baby because i know it wasn't gas. If you are very in touch with your body then yes, that is what you probably felt. I have heard of other women feeling the little fluttering this early on too. Its a very strange experience to feel baby for first time! Remember just because he/she is very little doesn't mean that they're not already "flutering" about. Congrats on your pregnancy, whe are you due? I am due 4/29. Have a great day!


Nikki - October 15

I'm 24wks. pregnant with my first baby and this kid is gonna be a soccor player! It seems like all he does is kick. I love feeling him moving around in there, though.


Mary - October 15

This is my first pregnancy. I'm 15 1/2 weeks and about a week ago I felt my baby. It just felt like how somebody would touch my skin, just on the underside of it. It was pretty incredible. I didn't feel it again until about 2 days ago and haven't felt it yet. Its a great feeling. I'm 100% sure that's what it was.


chyna - October 15

hi i am 16 wks and i started to feel my baby move when i was 10 weeks, and now the baby movements are more coordinated sinc e the bones started to harden. my baby usually moves more b 4 meal time


Karen - October 15

I just entered by 15th week and last week while standing in the grocery store felt something bizarre just under my belly b___ton - it was like a flutter - real quick - and I could probably go as far to describe it has quick "tapping". It continued for about an hour and when I pressed down over the spot - I could feel it under my fingers. I'm positive it wasn't gas. I knew I was pregant at even before period was due - I've real in touch with my body (but didn't know I would be). I feel every little thing so this is why I'm confident I have felt my baby. I've not felt it since...too bad...but waiting.


kendall - October 16

i'm 22 weeks today (10/15 in az) and i feels my little girl move all the time i can even see her, its the most amazing feeling. i didn't start feeling her till 18 1/2 weeks so you all are extremely blessed to feels your little ones so soon congrats. i don't know if this will work for you yet but i can feels her a lot more when i sit in a chair and lead foward about 40 degees she starts kicking right above my pubic bone, also whe i lay flat on my back after drinking something



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