Have You Had Dreams Of You Baby

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renaye - December 9

hi all im not finding out the s_x of my baby but i just wanted to konw if any of you have had dreams about your baby? i have had a few the first one i did not look to see if it was a girl or boy but the last dream i had i was bathing baby and i had to look and it was a girl ~ my man wants a girl so bad and he had a dream it was a girl have you had any dreams like that?


aurora23 - December 9

I kept having dreams about having a boy before I actually found out that I was having one. Plus I just had this gut feeling.


renaye - December 9

i was reading on here some thing about meating your baby in your dreams for baby is here i dont know i have also been told that it can mean the opposite so i dont know what to think ?


poo flinger - December 9

I always dream about boy/girl twins, even though I'm just pregnant with one baby. Last nights dream the little girl was very tiny and the boy was a big baby... they were still twins in the dream - but - maybe its telling me I'm having a boy first then little girl will be my next baby. who knows.


Sims1 - December 10

i've had dreams where i had a little boy a few times. but then a couple of nights ago i had a dream that i had a girl but she didn't look like me or my husband she had reddish hair and had blue eyes...i'm brown skinned....there's no way i'll ever have a red haired blue eyed baby lol. but later in the same dream, i was holding a boy, and he looked like a brown baby. so i'm not too sure what dreams mean. i have no idea what i'm having but hopefully will be finding out soon.


Faye84 - December 10

I had dreams I was giving birth to a 5 year old boy. But his face was all weird looking and he didnt want me to hold him, and when I would he was cry and spit on me! haha. I ended up having a girl and she didnt spit on me.


denimbluez - December 12

i had several dreams about my baby in the first couple months, but never one where the s_x was determined. then in my 19th week i finally had a dream about my baby's delivery and it was a boy. i just went in for my 20 week and it is indeed a boy. maybe a coincidence..dont know :o)


Rachel29 - December 12

That's funny, Sims, because I had a dream where I had a red headed baby girl too, and there is no way we'd have a baby with red hair! Also, I keep having dreams where I fumble a lot and drop the baby or forget to support it's head or something like that. I think it's just my fears playing out (actually I know it is) because I'm so anxious I'll do something wrong without meaning to!


Sims1 - December 12

really? i wonder what it means. in that dream i wasn't prepared i didn't have any cloths for hte baby or a proper blanket or a head bootie...it was awful the kid of freezing and i was frantically looking for cloths. wierd.



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