Haven T Stopped Smoking

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Cinty - November 22

Ok, I know I know I know.... This is very bad for my child, it is very bad for me. But I haven't been able to stop smoking completley. During the first trimester I cut back to 10/day, but lately in the middle of my 2nd trimester, I seem to be going back up instead of the intended down. I have been going through more cigs, but I don't think I have been smoking as much. I have been putting them out after only a few drags (some of them) and there are other times when I feel I just want to chain smoke. I work in an office where everyone smokes, it is so hard. I get to the point where I figure the 2nd hand smoke is worse so why even try and fight my habit. But now I am leaving my job, so hopefully being home for the next several months I will be able to curtail my habit. I just feel so bad. Is there anyone else out there in my situation? Please please please, I don't need to hear how bad it is for me, I know. I don't need people to tell me how much of a bad person I am, I know that too. I just wanted to know if I am the only one? Do you think getting away from the office will help with the stopping? or do you think that all the extra time on my hands will make me want it even more? I'm really scared to quit, I have been doing it for so long, it is like a friend to me. I want to quit more than anything, but as soon as I feel stress coming on I light up. Again, I don't need anyone coming on hear yelling at me, because I know all the facts, believe me, I know them better than the non smokers, I read read read and watch tv shows about it. What I really need to know is if I am not alone. Thank you in advance for not making this one of those awful threads where people beat each other up. I am already beating myself up over this.


Jodi - November 22

You are not alone. I feel as guilty as you do. It's just so hard and I have to hear about how awful I am everyday at work, It just makes it worse. I really don't know how I'm going to do it, but I do know that before I have this baby I'm going to stop. I get so angry at myself b/c you would think that this baby inside of me would be enough for me to quit, but it's just so hard and here lately my job has been so stressful. And like you said any sign of stress makes me want one. I wish you the best of luck and I'll pray for us and the others having this problem too. It's bad enough when you feel guilty and then to have people badger you about it just makes it worse....I understand!


Cinty - November 22

Thank you Jodi, it's nice to hear at least one nice response before all the hatred starts. I will pray for you as well. and for our babies.


Cinty - November 22

I know what you mean about people badgering you, that sometimes makes you crave the cig more. That is something that "they" don't understand.


mel - November 22

ya'll don't beat yourselves up too bad. geez. I'm 31 years old and I guarantee you that most of the people my age and older had moms that smoked like freight trains while they were pregnant with us and we all made it. if you can quit that would be great, but if you can't just do the best you can and tell everyone to go [email protected]# themselves. (pardon my french)


addicted - November 22

Cinty, i understand how you feel completely!!! and no, you are not alone! others have tried to voice their concerns about this before...but there are folks on here that do nothing but give their opinions on smoking while pregnant...like we dont already know. we need support, understanding, and help. not a bunch of folks bashing us. sorry, i could go on and on....i just wanted you to know your not alone...


Menthol Light - November 22

Hi Ladies. Cinty, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I was a 1/2 pack per day smoker pre-pregnancy then at about 7-8 weeks it started making me really sick so I quit. That made it easy. I heard that smoking could cause a cleft lip/palate or club foot, so I never smoked until I had my Level 2 u/s. When I found out everything was A-OK, I started again. But with that came the EXTREME guilt and having to hide it from everyone. I have a job where I'm by myself a great deal of the time, in and out of the car. That was a really hard habit to break. I'm only smoking about 5 a day now, but feeling like s*it with each one, especially when my baby starts moving around as I'm smoking. I feel sooooo bad, and as I'm puffing away, I'm saying to myself, "I've got to quit, I've got to stop this", but it seems like I can't. I hope that once you get out of that office you are able to cut down more, especially if smoking was more of a "work" thing than being at home. Please don't beat yourself up over it. Nicotine is a very, very strong addiction. I will pray for you, for all of us, to be able to quit, and that our babies are healthy. Good luck!


Cinty - November 22

You know, come to think of it, I think that is when I started smoking a little more, after my level 2 us and all was looking great. It was such a relief.


Christi - November 22

Hi Cinty. I have felt your pain. I am 24 weeks pregnant, but fortunately I was able to quit smoking by my 4th week of pregnancy. It was not easy by no means. My boyfriend smokes... actually all 5 people that live in my house smoke... and they smoke inside. I work at an office as well where alot of people smoke. I guess what really helped me quit was I had to think about my baby. I am NOT criticizing you... please dont think that I am when I say this.... but the only thing that helped me was imagining my little one choking on my smoke. The thought alone made me feel sick. I also had to think of it as me being selfish... I felt so guilty... so selfish... it wasnt about me anymore... it was about my little baby. I was able to stop... I still crave cigarettes... expecially when I am in a car, at work, after I eat, and when I have nothing to do. I think it will help if you are away from your office... but you may need to find something at home to keep you occupied. If you dont quit dont worry...like everyone else says... its been done before.... dont worry... just try...doesnt make you a bad mommy!!! Good Luck!


Cinty - November 23

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. I think this may be the first thread of this sort that hasn't gotten nasty. I am really trying, I have one more week of work left and am hoping and praying that will be the end of my nasty habit. My husband smokes as well, but we do have a rule that if you smoke you have to go outside and it is cold and snowy out there now, so maybe that will help. At the office however, I am allowed to smoke at my desk, I used to think that was a great perk, now I just see it as a downfall for me, I am glad that I won't be here to put my baby through at least the terrible 2nd hand smoke anymore. I know that I HATE the cold, and when I smoke in the cold weather it gives me the hiccups, this could work wonders for me. I do feel selfish and awful, but I will work through it, so far the baby is completely healthy (i have had 5 us). God bless you all!


carly - November 23

cinty if you think you are bad im 100 times worse, i smoke alot and im 26 weeks pregnant. when i get the odd looks from people i think " yea how many people shouldn't even be in this country and only having kids to get bigger houses and pay nothing" we want the best for our kids in life- how many women out their fighting just to keep the money coming in.


me - November 23

I don't smoke, but go to so many places where people do several times a week that it feels like I'm smoking. People tell me not to worry about it, but I'm a mom-to-be! Of course I'm worried! It's tough to stay away from those places though... they're where people socialize. It's bad enough I stay at home so much. Anyway, good luck to you!


Al - November 23

Cinty, I am also a smoker. However, I was a whole lot worse when I was working. Everyone in my house smokes also, but its just not as much of a temptation here. At work, I wanted one so bad all the time. Now Im down to about 2-3 cigs a day. A pack can last me at least a week. Just do some things around your house to keep your mind off of it...that helps also. BTW...just had an U/S done...24 weeks and the U/S tech said "the placenta looks really good, you must not be a smoker:" I just sat there. I know that smoking while pregnant is bad, but if you cut back at least its better than nothing...at least thats my opinion. Good luck to you!


Hey Cinty - November 24

I lucked out and smoking hasn't affected my baby's size. Well, if it has that's a good thing. The birth estimate is 10lbs+. However, there are other problems (one serious) I feel are related to the smoking. I know it's hard to quit, but don't make the mistake I did thinking 'it's too late to do any good'. I'm due any day and the regret and guilt I feel from not stopping is overwhelming. I don't think it's ever too late. Please try. Be strong. Good luck.


Me Again - November 24

And I will pray for all of us too, although it's too late for me.


Byrdie - November 29

I too am guilty of STILL smoking. I've smoked a pack a day for almost 20 years and now I'm down to about 7-8 per day. I hate that I can't kick this. I feel so guilty!! I am sooooo glad I am not alone. I am trying-- some days go better than others..... I won't have my level 2 for a couple of weeks. I wish the best for all of our babies!!


Nicole - November 29

Why don't you all try and quit together. I smoked for 12 years and haven't had one for 4. It is a struggle that has gotten easier. It might help if you all pull together and make each other accountable. Just a thought.



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