Havent Felt The Baby For A While

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Deseree - February 14

ok... i am pregnant for the first time and i have been feeling the baby since i was about 13 weeks pregnant. i am now almost 17 weeks and i have been feeling the baby more and more stronger and stronger. Now for the last three days i have barely felt it or haven't felt it at all like today. yesterday i didn't feel it at all until about 5:00 or so... then it was just one small movement now today nothing so far... is this normal?


florinna - February 14

Wow, you've felt it since 13wks? I'm 16 and a half and haven't felt anything yet. So I really have no advice to give but I bet everything is just fine.


jendean00 - February 14

I am 21 weeks and I just felt mine move about 2 1/2 weeks ago, but to answer your question. she is more active some days than others it is normal. The baby could be moving at night while you are asleep and then sleeping during the day.


lily10 - February 14

It's so cute to think of them asleep in there. I feel my baby most in the mornings or when I am laying down but I have gone a whole day without feeling her. I did feel a little nervous about that but my book said that this is normal. Lucky you to have felt movement so early.


mommybabyboy21 - February 14

I am a first time mom too so all I can say is what I read...according to the baby books you can almost a whole day without feeling them at this time you shouldn't worry until you are in your thrid trimester. In the thrid you should feel them so many times an hours...sorry cant think of the exact number right now. but they said at 13-28 weeks or when you start to feel the baby up to the 28 week it is normal to go almost a whole day because the baby still has room and sometimes the baby turns and is facing your spine so you really can't feel him kick or anything...if the baby turns after 28 weeks the baby is so huge they say you should still feel his b___t when he kicks but it should feel different. Hope that helps.


aliciavr6 - February 14

I heard not to worry unless you are about 24 weeks if you don't feel baby move everyday. I didn't feel ANYTHING until I was 18w1d.



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