Havent Gained ANY Weight

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Kitty - March 17

I am 16 weeks and 3 days and havent gained 1 pound yet. Dr. asked if I was trying not too, but I have been eating more. Could it be that I have been eating healthier so weight has maintained? Does anyone know if I should be worried?


Steph - March 17

Nope, there's no reason to be worried. I'm 23 weeks and have still not gained any weight. There are a number of other ladies in the same boat. Scroll through and you'll see a lot of posts on the same issue. Just eat healthy and all will be fine. :o) Don't overeat to gain weight and don't eat a lot of c___p just to gain pounds. Then your gonna have some issues.


Kitty - March 17

thanks, i just think it is weird since I am showing but no weight gain.


EM - March 17

I'm 19 weeks and have only gained 1.5 pounds. I'm HUGE so it is a mystery how that is possible. Don't worry about it, actually its a great thing. With my son I had gained about 20 pounds by this time and that was not a good thing!


Tanna - March 17

Gee, quit braggin' Kitty. : - )


Kitty - March 17

haha, no not trying to brag. :)


EricaG - March 17

Steph's right, don't worry too much about it. I know I was really worried because I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester. I'm 19 weeks 2 days today and I've only gained 2 of those lbs back. I felt like a bad mother because I wasn't feeding my baby enough. But i've been feeling him/her kicking around in there since week 17 and it's such a rea__surance. But I know how you feel. I was really worried and was actually a little upset that my ob/gyn wasn't worried at all. And like you, I'm showing but have actually lost weight. It's just that everything else on me is skinnier and I probably would have shown sooner had I not lost the weight. You'll be ok though. If you haven't already then you will feel a rea__suring kick soon :o)


Lacey - March 19

I am 15 weeks and have not gained a pound. I also am not showing at all. Is this normal or should I worry? It is my first, so don't know what to think.


numba1cutie6t9 - March 19

I lost weight until I was in week 16...then started gaining.I didnt show till about week 20 or so...Lacy your fine :-)


gracie - March 19

Hi Kitty, I am 22 weeks and last week at my doctors I had gained 1 pound. I have pretty bad morning sickness, still. I am also overweight to begin with so my doctor is not too conserned. With my last pregnancy I lost 20 pounds in first two trimesters and was hospitalized. For some reason pregnancy helps me control my weight, I only seem to gain when Im not preggo....figures....


JenniferB - March 20

I am 12 weeks today and have been so sick I have lost 18 pounds. I was told not to worry about it as long as I was keeping down some food and not getting dehydrated. My first pregnancy I only gained 17 pounds and 9 of it was the baby. I wouldn't worry if you are eating healthy. :0)



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