Having Trouble Gaining Weight

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Erin - November 7

I get hungry all the time, and if I don't eat then I usually start to feel nauseated. The problem is that I dont WANT to eat, I have to force myself. I'm 24 weeks and I've only gained 8 pounds. The doctor doesn't seemed concerned but I know that I should've probably gained more by now. Has anyone else had this problem and have any tricks about how to get extra calories? I eat a lot of cereal, maybe I should switch to whole milk? I use 2 percent right now.


Alycia - November 7

You could try adding flaxseed meal to things. I put 2 Tbsp in my oatmeal in the morning. It tastes kind of nutty... I like it. Not only does it have extra calories, it's good for constipation (I have no trouble with that so far, not sure if that's why or not), and it is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids. You could also try working in a milkshake or something as a snack.


oh! - November 7

Oh sweety ! I wish I had your problem! lol...But seriously, you should definitely switch to more calorific foods (whole milk, etc.)


ry - November 8

hi Erin, i am so happy i am not alone here. i have the exact same problem where i feel so hungry but cant eat. nothing sounds good and i have to force myself to eat anything. i know i am not eating healthy like i should be and i am worried i am not eating enough for my baby but dont know what to do. i had very bad morning sickness (hg) and it still seems to have a taken a toll on me :(


to erin - November 8

I had the same problem! Sick until about 24 weeks, then, bam gained 4 pounds and now I am 27 weeks and 15 pounds--all the sudden I got an appet_te. I would not worry about it too much. You only need 300 extra calories a day, How about some cheese and crackers? That always made me feel good when I was sick--though, I agree, I love cereal and skim milk!


Erin - November 8

Thanks for the responses. Ry - I also have hg, and I think that has a lot to do with it although it's gotten sooo much better. Today I thought I'd try to eat a chicken sandwich and fries because it actually sounded great, so I ate it (this was about 3 hours ago) and now I feel horrible :( My stomach hurts and I have terrible heartburn and a headache, but at least I haven't thrown up. I guess I should stick to cereal.


dwc - November 9

Erin, I am soo there with you. At my last appointment 3 weeks ago, I had only gained 10 lbs and I am 26 wks 3 days, I don't feel like I have gained any weight and I have hypremesis, so I feel like I am going to vomit any second all day long, no matter what I eat, but I have forced myself to continue eating. I actually measure 2 weeks behind, but my doc said she was not going to get too concerned with that, since I had finally started to gain weight. I would try switching to whole milk if you could, but I am lactose intolarent (sp) so that didn't work for me. But it has gotten better the farther along I get so maybe it will get better for you. Well wishes and happy day!


Laura - November 12

I am @ 20 wks & have gained 2lbs. This is my 2nd and I did the same last time. I ended up gaining 28lbs. You will pack it on @ the end. Don't worry.


hc - November 12

Hi Erin. Why don't you want to eat? I will give you my story and hopefull that will help you somewhat. I had lost 10 lbs due to morningsickness and did not start gaining weight until about 19 weeks. i am now almost 24 weeks and have gained about 9 lbs. What helped me was to avoid fried and fatty foods (no french fries!!), dairy, and anything spicy. My diet is bland, but i am feeling great now! In the begining of this new diet I was scared of eating, because I was so afraid of vomiting again and feeling horrible. I started out with babyfood and oatmeal and went to solid foods after that - chicken (with a little bit of salt to tast) foods like that. I am craving donuts though, but I know that if I eat one I will feel horrible so I don't - I eat a gummy bear once in awhile. Now I eat green beans, spinach, chicken (now boiled in vegetable broth), potatos, sweet potatos, pasta, and once in a while I eat deli meat such as sliced turkey (i don't eat that much, but on a sandwich once in a while I think it is ok). Also something that is really good for you and is fatty is avocado. I spread it on sandwiches - it is really good. Well, good luck to you!


Erin - November 12

You've actually gained a fine amount of weight. Especially considering that you'll gain about a pound a week later along in your pregnancy. Remember the range is 20-35 pounds, and if you've gained about half of it by 24 weeks, you're doing just fine. Remember to take your prenatals and calcium.


Erin - November 12

Thanks to everyone for the responses. hc - it's not that I really don't want to eat, but like you I'm afraid that eating will make me sick, and the though of food grosses me out most of the time. I've just really been struggling with it. But I don't want my baby to be too small! I'm definitely concerned about her. The doctor told me to try milkshakes, which I'm going to try. They don't sound good though.



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