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worried - March 30

Hi I am 24+ weeks pregnant. I suffer from migraines(have also been admitted to hospital twice on that acc for hydrating back)have not take lot of medication though. last one & half week have started suffering from daily mild headaches(nothing like migraine) though no vomits Is any one going thru similar situ, if yes what is to be done to avoid it. any info will b helpful Thanks in advance


rae - March 30

hi i'm 14 weeks and have migraines I haven't had one yet i just hope i don't get one. i heard you can't take anything but ty.


Jbear - March 30

I had a migraine at 16 weeks. It was so bad I was vomiting and seeing black spots. I called the OB and the nurse suggested extra strength tylenol. I told her I'd been taking tylenol for 24 hours with no relief, and they could prescribe something, or I could go to the ER, because I couldn't stand the pain. They prescribed Fioricet, which worked.


jen - March 30

i have found something called 4head (available in uk, not sure about elsewhere about £5 a stick) it is like a short fat stick of lipstick and you rub it on your forehead/back of neck/temples. it goes really hot then really cold then releases stuff that numbs the area. smells like albas oil, makes your eyes water but saves taking anything orally. i used to go through a pack of pain relief a week and now only have to take something for a really bad one. may not always rid you of it completely but atleast can let you get some sleep


jen - March 30

or, ma__sage the underside of you bug toes. or better still, the bit of skin between your thumb and fore finger, if you pinch it about an inch in, you will feel the tension in your head ease off and flood back in when you release. do this for 30 seconds or so every 5 minutes and it really does help (life long sufferer of headaches and migraines...have always searched for help!!) found some popular makes of chocolate, mainly cadburys, bring on a migraine within 5 minutes of eating it - had any easter eggs???



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