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steph - August 7

has anyone been experiencing a lot of headaches? I am 15 weeks and have had headaches for several weeks now. I take tylonal sometimes but usually I try to let them pass. Does anyone have any natural ways of getting rid of them without tylonal?


Rachel - August 8

I so know how you feel, Im 17 weeks and I have been getting really bad headaches too. I take panadol. but thats all I can take. Yeah, if anyone has any ideas, like something natural, that would be great, cause I dont like to take so much panadol.


ASA - August 8

When I was having headaches I found out that they were from a sinus infection. Have you guys been to the doctor yet. Tylenol is safe but for short periods of time. Sorry I don't have any natural remedies that I know are safe for the you and the baby. I will check back if I find out anything.


Bree - August 8

ASA, were they able to give you anything for the sinus infection? Antibiotics? I'm thinking some of my bad headaches may be sinus related and I, like the rest of you guys, don't want to take anything to even possibly effect the baby. Mine have gotten so bad that I do sometimes break down and take regular tylenol with mountain dew (for the caffeine). It's the only thing that's helped, but I really try to just wait it out. I had one last week for 2 days straight.


Tonita - August 8

i know what you girls mean im 14 weeks and i have headaches every single day and i thought it was just me i dont know any natural ways but if any one knows please tell me...


lmrod55 - August 8

I have been having them everyday for the last couple of weeks. I go to the OB tomorrow and was going to ask for suggestions on natural alternatives, as I hate taking Tylenol. I have been letting them pa__s, and only taking the Tylenol when absolutely necessary. I did do a search on the internet and it suggested a bath and making sure to relax for 20 mins a day (tell that to my 18 month old) :)



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