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Jill - October 21

I am 13 weeks. For the past week I've started getting bad headaches. I take Tylenol when it's really bad, but it does not do much. Any tips?


jenn - October 21

hi jill me too real bad headaches, make me sick too. in the mornings usually i read some where that acetaminiphine is the best/safest.but avoid codine because it causes cleft lip/ and other abnormalities...? Try to drink more fluids, its a sign of dehydration. and get yor rest. lots of sleep. I know it feels unbearable but hang in thre your not alone. I have one right now. I am 11 weeks.... also i used to use tigerbalm, rubbed it on my temples. seemed to help , just watch where your hands go after using it..burns your eyes...good luck...j


K - October 22

I also had headaches at 13 weeks. If I was home I would just put my feet up & put a cold compress on my head. Tylenol didn't do much for me either. Hang in there!


Jill - October 22

So did they go away? I tried using the humdifier last night but it did not do much. My sinuses are really dry. Maybe I do just need to drink more..


jenn - October 22

they go away ad come back I think it also depends if you have alot of stres. my year old puppy just got hit by a car, killed him.. so devestated.. my headace came back instantly been here for three-four days straight. I wonder how much stress this baby can take and how it will affect her/him overall.........:(


jenn - October 22

my book reads NOT to take asprin or ibuprofen in the third trimester. So i guess like an drug use only under the avdise of your dr. try the tiger balm.


K - October 22

Mine still come & go but I have sinus problems that make them worse. My dr said afrin is ok to use occasionally. Jenn so sorry about your puppy!


Jenn - October 22

thanks. he will be missed so much.. hope u feel better. do you mean asprin? this is what i read on sinus headaches.. apply hot and cold compress to aching area, alternating every thirty secs. for ten mins. fo tension, ice o the back of your neck for 20 mins, close ur eyes and relax..


K - October 22

Sorry I meant to say Afrin nasal spray. Take care!


ry - October 22

the ONLY thing that takes away or at least helps my headaches is Tylenol Sinus, but it makes me feel really trippy. After having a severe headache for days on end though almost anything is better!


J - October 24

I had bad headaches too, and my doctor told me to drink a cup of coffee every day--to prevent them, and try to drink one when i've got a headache. This seems to have helped.


Jill - October 24

Jenn, sorry about the pup. My , uh, cousin in law said drinking extra water should help. My sinuses are really dry too, so I found this non medicated nasal spray. It says it's safe for infants so I a__sume it's fine. That seems to be helping too.


karen - October 25

I'm curious about the types of headaches you all are having. I started getting them almost every day right around 13 weeks too. Mine are usually the type that throb with my heartbeat as my heartrate increases. Something to do with blood vessel constriction, I think. It's really annoying, and has been gone for the past 2 days, but nothing I did for it (laying down, tylenol, headache cream) seemed to help. Jenn, I'm so sorry about your puppy. :(


Beth - October 25

I have always had alot of headaches, but during my first trimester and up until about 16 weeks, I would have ehadaches that would last two weeks at a time, and migraines that would put me out of commision for days at a time. I would take a tylenol every once in a while, but it never really helped so I just stopped trying, my doctor said that everything was fine with me and I could take tylenol "occasioally" and just to reduce my stress. I have to admit though I was harbouring alot of stress for the first while, so after my doc pointed that out I became concious of the things that were stressing me out and I made an effort not to let those things bother me, I would have long showers and baths and breathe deeply. Now, I barely ever get headaches, actually I think the only thing that causes headaches for me now is when I eat foods with MSG's in them. I tried everybody elses cures for headaches too and they did nothing for me, as long as your eating healthy and frequently enough that your not hungry, and keeping yourself well hydrated then that's all that I found yo can do. I hope this helps and they'll go away, just have to wait! Congrats on your pregnancy.



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